The entire world is coming to grips with a change in lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elderly people are taking the threat seriously, staying home to avoid the risk of contraction.

In major cities, young people are still going out to bars and clubs. But we’re also seeing people do things that they might not ordinarily do.

In Milwaukee, someone thought of motorizing a Porta Potty to take for a spin at night. I wonder if he was out buying toilet paper.

In Italy, a nation that has been hit specifically hard by the pandemic, people are using song to cope with being confined to their homes.

Meanwhile, in Spain, some aerobics classes have been moved to apartment balconies. In part of Europe, people have taken their bingo games to the balconies.

From this reporter’s experience, toilet paper is flying off the shelves but there is still an abundance of soap. Doesn’t one go with the other..? Something to ponder in this time of panic.