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House passes $1.2 trillion spending bill: ‘It’s clear Democrats own the speakers gavel’



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A full text of the $1.2 trillion spending package was sent to lawmakers around 2:30am Friday morning. The 1,012 page so-called “minibus” passed in the House with more votes from Democrats than Republicans. The final vote was 286-134 with 185 Democrats and 101 Republicans voting in favor of the measure. Republican Representative Andy Ogles of Tennessee said shortly before the vote, “It’s clear that the Democrats own the speakers gavel.”

Ogles is one of Congressional Republicans who were vocal of their criticism at Congress’ spending and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-FL) and Democratic leaders for releasing the bill so shortly before Friday’s vote, put together by Just the News.

“At 2:32 am—when Americans were sleeping—the Swamp released its second half of the omnibus,” Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., wrote Thursday on X. “1,012 pages that spend $1.2 TRILLION of taxpayer dollars on disastrous policies. The House is still expected to vote on this monstrosity TOMORROW MORNING. Washington is beyond broken.”

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., said the U.S. “cannot afford this continued reckless spending,” given that the national debt is currently $34.5 trillion.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., compared the situation to the time when Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was speaker.

“It takes 27.8 hours for the average reader to read 1,000 pages. I guess we are supposed to just pass it first and then find out what’s in it like Nancy Pelosi says. This comes after months and months of hardly any effort to pass single issue appropriation bills while 3 Continuing Resolutions (continuing Pelosi’s budget) were passed,” Greene wrote on X. 

“Our Republican majority started this Congress with sweeping rule changes to stop this very behavior yet here we are on the verge of passing a second minibus under suspension with no amendments allowed and violating the 72 hour rule,” she added.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said on Thursday that “no sane person would buy a car under this kind of pressure—with a 1,012-page contract and no meaningful opportunity to review it or make changes.”

Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis., emphasized that members weren’t given 72 hours to review the bill, contrary to internal GOP conference rules. Tiffany also said the bill “funds Biden’s border invasion” and the new FBI headquarters in Maryland. “All this does is continue the failed status quo. I will be voting NO,” Tiffany wrote on X.

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NYC bill trying to repeal ‘sanctuary city’ laws put in place by liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio



new york city

New York lawmakers are introducing a bill this week to undo “sanctuary city” laws approved from 2014-2018 under then-Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat. Council members Robert Holden (D-Queens) and Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) told The New York Post they’ll introduce the bill Thursday.

Among the laws to be reversed include the prohibiting of the NYPD, and Correction and Probation departments from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents unless the cases involve suspected terrorists or serious public safety risks. It would also reverse rules prohibiting city agencies from partnering with ICE to enforce federal immigration laws.

“Sanctuary city laws put all New Yorkers, both immigrants and longtime residents, in danger by preventing the NYPD and DOC from working with ICE,” said Holden, a moderate Dem. “We do not need to import criminals, and only 23 years since 9/11, we have forgotten the deadly consequences of poor interagency communication. We must repeal these laws immediately.”

“Like most things in New York, sanctuary city policy is a social experiment gone off the rails,” said Borelli. “All the problems with these local laws came out during the public-hearing process, but the Council just stepped harder on the gas pedal.”

In February, Mayor Eric Adams called for the rules to be loosened so migrants “suspected” of “serious” crimes could also be turned over to ICE — as they once were under sanctuary city policies implemented as early as 1989 under ex-mayors Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg.

Among public reasons for the push is the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.  If it wasn’t for the sanctuary city policies, Riley is among other deaths that could have been prevented if the policies were not in place, Holden and other critics have said.

The 22-year-old was found dead Feb. 22 on the University of Georgia’s campus, six months after her alleged killer Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, was arrested in Queens and charged with endangering a child.

The Post explains of the case:

The NYPD had no choice but to cut the Venezuelan-born Ibarra loose — instead of turning him over to federal immigration officials — because he didn’t have any major crime convictions.

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams shot down the mayor’s idea just one day later, saying she and the rest of the Council’s progressive Democratic majority wouldn’t be considering any rule changes. The bill introduced this week is also likely to face objections from the Council’s left-wing Democratic majority.

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