President Trump had enough of Congress kicking the can down the road on border security and threatened to veto the Senate’s planned continuing resolution to fund the government without a single dollar for a wall.

In direct contradiction of Pelosi’s statement that Trump didn’t have the votes to pass a border security bill in the House, on Thursday, the House voted to approve $5.7 Billion to fund the border wall. The bill passed the House 217-185 with only eight Republicans opposed to it.

This victory may be short lived as a fight in the Senate is inevitable before Trump can sign anything into law.  The Senate is expected to reject the recently passed bill from the House which could lead to a government shutdown before Christmas.

President Trump remains optimistic that a deal can be struck and rallied his Republican supporters to stick together and stand up for the rule of law.  Trump took to Twitter to reinforce his plan for border security.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is expected to vote on the House-passed bill on Friday.  Senate Democrats will most likely block the legislation which could finally lead to a forced negation between Republicans and Democrats to come up with a plan to tackle the immigration crisis and need for an increase in border security.

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