Holder Calls the Electoral College “Undemocratic” and “Vestige of the Past”

NEW YORK CITY – FEBRUARY 16 2016: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared at Shomburg Center in Harlem to outline her vision for America’s future.Former Attorney General Eric Holder – Image

Former Attorney General Eric Holder expressed that he believes the electoral college is an antiquated institution in the U.S. Holder has a history of circumventing fair processes in governance. As an Obama appointee, Holder misled congress on the Fast and Furious case. Now, Holder is attempting to obstruct the entire electoral system.

“Time to make Electoral College a vestige of the past. It’s undemocratic, forces candidates to ignore majority of the voters and campaign in a small number of states. The presidency is our one national office and should be decided – directly – by the voters,” Holder tweeted Thursday.

Moreover, Holder called the system “undemocratic” citing a Washington Post article. The article argued that popular vote elections would lead to higher voter turnout. Several states are now pushing to overhaul the electoral college.

National Popular Vote, an organization encouraging the public “to implement a nationwide popular election of the President of the United States.” is leading the charge. The group created an interstate compact that has gained support in Rhode Island, Vermont, Hawaii, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California and the District of Columbia. The legislation would guarantee a presidential win by popular vote. More specifically, the state’s electoral votes will go to the winner of the national vote.

Recently, the Colorado state Senate voted in favor of the referendum. Holder called the news “Real democracy.” The 51 elections under the current system ensure all states have a voice, no matter how small.