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Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Call for “Deprogramming” Trump Supporters Criticized



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In a recent interview with CNN, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stirred controversy by calling for a “formal deprogramming” of many supporters of former President Donald J Trump. Her remarks, made during discussions about the upheaval on Capitol Hill, have drawn criticism from those who view them as divisive and dismissive of a significant segment of the American population.

According to reports from Fox News, Clinton’s comments came as she contrasted what she labeled the “sane” portion of the GOP caucus, which she credited with preventing a government shutdown, with the group she derisively referred to as the “cult” devoted to Trump.

Her characterization of Trump supporters as a “cult” has been seen by many as a disrespectful and unproductive assessment of those with differing political views.

While discussing her predictions for the 2024 presidential election, Clinton expressed her belief that Trump would likely be the Republican nominee, but she remained confident in President Joe Biden’s ability to secure victory.

Moreover, her assessment of Trump’s appeal among his supporters as a form of “authoritarian populism” has been criticized by those who argue that it oversimplifies and mischaracterizes the reasons behind his popularity.

Furthermore, Clinton’s comparison of Trump supporters to a “basket of deplorables,” a reference to her 2016 campaign statement, has resurfaced. In 2016, she faced backlash for labeling some Trump supporters as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” and the repetition of this characterization has not gone unnoticed.

Throughout the interview, Clinton maintained her stance against “election deniers” who questioned the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. Her ongoing claims that Russia and other factors played a role in her 2016 defeat have also faced criticism from those who believe that she has failed to accept the results of that election.

In this light, Clinton’s recent remarks have further fueled political polarization in the United States, with critics arguing that they do little to bridge the divide and instead exacerbate tensions between different ideological camps. The debate over the legacy of the Trump presidency and the future direction of the Republican Party continues to be a point of contention in American politics.

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BREAKING: IL judge orders state election board to remove Trump from primary ballot



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Cook County Judge Tracie Porter issued a lengthy ruling Wednesday which orders the state election board to remove former President Donald Trump from the Illinois primary ballot on March 19. Porter wrote Trump is disqualified from the presidency due to his actions relating to the January 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Porter said she was aware her “decision could not be the ultimate outcome,” given that higher courts will have a chance to weigh in; she also put her order on hold until Friday in anticipation of an appeal.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that the State Board of Elections voted unanimously last month to reject the same bid to block Trump from Illinois’ ballot under the 14th Amendment. But Porter found the board’s decision to be “clearly erroneous.”

The 14th Amendment bars from “any office, civil or military, under the United States” anyone who previously took an oath as an “officer of the United States” to support the Constitution but then engaged in “insurrection or rebellion.”

Trump’s lawyers have told the U.S. Supreme Court the amendment doesn’t apply because the president is not an “officer of the United States” under the Constitution and because he did not engage in “anything that qualifies as ‘insurrection.’”

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the “U.S. Supreme Court is poised to rule on the controversy soon — and appeared skeptical of the arguments to kick Trump off Colorado’s ballot. The clock is ticking on the nation’s high court given that Colorado’s primary election is Tuesday.” Porter also said her order would be put on hold if the Supreme court’s ruling is ultimately “inconsistent” with hers.

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