Hillary Clinton Confident Biden Would Win Next Tuesday, But Uncertain About Nov.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on the Graham Norton show. Hillary says she’s still deliberating on a 2020 presidential run. (screenshot)

In an interview with “The BAKARI SELLERS Podcast” released Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she wishes the 2020 presidential election were next Tuesday, expressing uncertainty about the outcome of the election in November. Her answer was based on some recent polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden ahead in the race.

“Look, if the election were held next Tuesday, which I wish it would be, Joe would win, and I’d be more relieved than I am waiting until November,” Clinton said. “But here’s what the Republicans are gonna try to do, and voters need to be really aware of this. Number one, they’re gonna try to suppress the vote, they’re gonna try to make it hard for you to vote, they’re gonna try to, you know, make those lines stretch for hours, they’re going to try to make vote-by-mail difficult.

She continued, “Anything they can do to try to undermine the fairness of the election is absolutely their agenda. It’s what Stacey Abrams contended with and what she’s fighting against with her Fair Fight. It’s what I’m doing with my Onward Together Group, working with Democracy Docket to bring lawsuits to force states to run fair elections.”

Additionally, Clinton explained that Republicans will use ‘poll watchers’ to ‘intimidate’ voters at polling stations, but added that Democrats need to bring their own ‘poll watchers’ to support voters needs at the polls, while also ‘fending off’ Republican-endorsed poll-watchers.

“We’re also going to see as we already are seeing a flood of misinformation and disinformation online about Joe, about other Democrats, you know?” Clinton said.