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Hannity exclusive: The Left Running Roughshod at Keystone State School! Active Shooters, Sexual Assaults, X-Rated Films, and Suspensions for Prayer!



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It’s every parent’s nightmare: sending your children off each morning to a school that is covering up egregious crimes and agendas. Parents in the Council Rock School District in Newton, Pennsylvania are fighting back.

We saw the story originally on, and reached out. His team explained that they had been contacted by multiple parents who are concerned with the school environment and how their kids, and some coaches, are being treated. Specifically, Ray and Mason Jones, a father-son coaching team who are well-respected and known in the community, are now facing disciplinary action after leading a voluntary prayer for the team prior to one of their games. has compiled a list of known atrocities covered up by the school board:

Back in March, Bucks County teacher Steven Allan Struzinski, 42, of Plumstead Township, was charged with criminal attempt to commit involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and criminal attempt to commit unlawful contact with a minor.

Sex crimes on Traczykiewicz and Sanko’s watch.

Last September, another shocking incident; a juvenile fired a weapon at a school bus at Council Rock North High School. No one was injured, thank goodness, but it’s another example of the lunatics running the asylum.

An active shooter on Traczykiewicz and Sanko’s watch.

And were you aware that “Life 101” has nothing to do with living and breathing, evolution or ethics? Not in the Council Rock School District! In CRSD, “Life 101” is a course that used to be called Accelerated Studies in Sexuality! See how they rebranded it so parents wouldn’t flip out? We are told by parents that a meeting was called to discuss this class, and little to nothing was shared or clarified, with questions discouraged. Why? Isn’t a school a place for open discourse?

Here’s what “Life 101” means to Traczykiewicz and Sanko. Our comments IN BOLD.

Within a supervised educational setting (supervised by who?!), this senior seminar has been developed (developed by who?) to enable mature twelfth grade students to discuss current trends and difficulties within human relationships (AKA “Sex”). This course encourages students to explore issues and attitudes in all areas of their lives(intentionally vague). Throughout the course, there is critical exploration of various social issues in human sexuality (exploding the traditional gender binary). These sensitive topics may include teenage pregnancy, sexual assault (which a perverted teacher nearly carried out), sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS Education), sexual orientation, contraception, and abstinence (yeah right)education. Students are encouraged to examine the multicultural, heterogeneous expression of values around these topics (again, intentionally vague). The course also helps students integrate knowledge of self and others with better communication skills, increased ability to manage conflict, and increased insight in making decisions. Community resources, including speakers who are familiar with issues through their own experiences, are utilized to enhance learning and develop awareness of the complexity of the issues. Because of the sensitive topics explored, parental permission is required to schedule this course (because we use X-rated material but won’t explicitly tell you what it is).

Sexually explicit material in school on Traczykiewicz and Sanko’s watch. Investigative reporters for Sara Carter also reached out to the Council Rock School district for comment with regard to these events with the coaches, and unfortunately received the following response:

“Council Rock School District is not at liberty to comment on this or any other personnel matter.”

We also reached out to Coach Jones and have not received a response.

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Harvard Reinstates Standardized Testing Requirement for Admissions



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Harvard University announcement it will reverse its test-optional policy and reinstate standardized testing as a requirement for admission. The move has stirred a contentious debate within the academic community. Effective for applicants seeking entry in the fall of 2025, Harvard College will mandate the submission of either SAT or ACT scores, with limited exceptions for circumstances hindering access to these exams.

Hoekstra contends that standardized tests provide crucial predictive insights into a student’s potential for success in higher education and beyond. By reinstating the testing requirement, Harvard seeks to gather more comprehensive data, particularly beneficial for identifying talent across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Proponents of the move, like Harvard Kennedy School’s political economy professor David J. Deming, emphasize the universality of standardized tests, arguing that they offer a level playing field for all applicants. Deming underscores the accessibility of these tests compared to other metrics like personal essays, which may favor privileged students with greater resources.

However, the decision has sparked criticism from those who argue that standardized tests perpetuate inequities in admissions. Critics point to studies, such as those conducted by Harvard economists Raj Chetty and others, which highlight disparities in access to advanced courses and extracurricular opportunities among students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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