“Our economy is now humming on all cylinders and thankfully working for our entire family, all Americans,” said Sean Hannity, the hose of the ‘Hannity’ show on Fox News on Friday night.

“The president’s tax cuts, they were a huge success. The president’s deregulation, a huge success. The new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Japan … A big win for American goods. And by the way, I would expect that the deal with China is going to be free and more fair at the end of the day.”

“By the way, construction of the wall — the biggest unreported story this week — is well underway,” Hannity said, criticizing the media for his perceived lack of coverage.

“Nancy Pelosi, a lot of Democrats they supported Obama’s wall but they don’t support Trump’s wall. That’s their problem,” continued Hannity.

“The president is absolutely right to make the border a priority. And that means we can prevent those drugs from getting in the hands of American kids…This president is … dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone in this country.”