Hamas terrorists are posing as beautiful Israeli women on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp and using luring messages to access soldiers’ information. For the past year, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been working to take down these Hamas honeypot accounts through “Operation Broken Heart” after dozens of IDF soldiers fell victim to the covert attacks. The terrorists engage in friendly banter with IDF soldiers, eventually encouraging them to download specific apps. The apps grant full access to cell phone conversations, applications, locations, contacts, microphones, and cameras. Numerous IDF soldiers have reported receiving suspicious messages.

According to an IDF Spokesperson, “The applications that they tried to coax the soldiers to download had extensive capabilities that include collecting information about the device, as well as SMS messages, files, photos, and videos.”

One conversation between a soldier and a Hamas terrorist read:

Hamas: Yes, do you have Google Play?

Soldier: Yeah, I have it

Hamas: Write glancelove

Soldier: Where should I write that?

Hamas: In the store

Soldier: (sends a screenshot)

Soldier: ?

IDF leadership is warning its soldiers to only accept messages from individuals who they know and to report dubious online activities

“Thanks to the soldier’s awareness and alertness, but mainly because of their response, no harm to security was caused,” said an IDF official.

Thanks to the soldier’s awareness and alertness…no harm to security was caused

Hamas is no longer the terrorist organization of the third world. They are swimming in funding and their tactics are savvier than ever. Their focus has shifted to infiltrating minds. Financial support from Iran, Turkey, and Qatar are allowing the network to advance its tactics and capabilities.

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