H.R. McMaster warns Biden: Reentering Iran deal ‘would be a really big mistake’

Former National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster warned Joe Biden to not rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal once he takes office, during an interview with Bret Baier on “Special Report” Wednesday.

McMaster told Baier that “it would be a really big mistake to try and turn the clock back to 2016 and resurrect the Iran nuclear deal.” He added, “the Iran nuclear deal was a political disaster masquerading as a diplomatic trial. It was a fundamentally flawed agreement.”

Regarding the future relationship between Iran and Israel, McMaster worries of apprehension if Biden does agree to the deal.

“In some way we’re back to the 2006 period,” said McMaster. “Tensions were higher and the (Israeli Defense Force) was about to act.”

McMaster went on to talk about the importance of a smooth transitional period from one president-elect to the next, which has been a point of contention as the Trump Campaign and Republican party allege voter fraud occured in the 2020 Election.

“I think it’s really important for us to show a high degree of confidence and a degree of stability and a recognition that our democracy works, our institutions are strong.”

Presidential transition periods are high-tension times for national security.

According to him, it is vital that the transition goes smoothly.

“Any period of transition is a dangerous time. Our enemies, adversaries, rivals think it might be a time to act out against us,” said McMaster. “If we show weakness and division, there are a lot of malign actors that might take advantage of that.”

He added, “We want America to succeed so we want the next administration to succeed. We might have big differences in policy with them but that’s the opportunity to voice those differences.”