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Greta Thunberg slams Biden, claims he isn’t treating ‘climate crisis like a crisis’



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Greta Thunberg, the world-famous Swedish teen environmental activist, said President Joe Biden is not going far enough to “treat the climate crisis like a crisis,” accusing him of being “not nearly enough in line with the science” on the issue.

During an MSNBC interview Sunday night to discuss Biden, whom she endorsed in the 2020 presidential election, on how his administration is handling climate change thus far, Thunberg was asked by host Mehdi Hasan how she would grade the commander-in-chief on climate issues.

“​Well, you shouldn’t take that from me, I’m just a teenager, so I’m not—I don’t have the mandate to sort of give grades like that. My opinions on this doesn’t matter​,” the 18-year-old activist said.

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“​​You should rather look at the science and whether his policies are in line with the Paris agreements and to stay below 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius, and then you can clearly see that, no, it’s not nearly enough in line with the science. That’s not me saying, that’s just black and white, looking at the facts​,” she continued.

Pointing out that Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, set up a climate office, appointed a climate czar, and began to reverse some of former President Donald Trump’s environmental policies, Hasan asked her what she would suggest Biden do that he already isn’t.

“I understand that it’s difficult and to be honest I would not want to be in a politician’s position right now—I can’t imagine how hard it must be,” Thunberg replied.

“But I would just like him to basically just treat the climate crisis like a crisis. They have said themselves that this is an existential threat,” she continued, saying that Biden isn’t handling it as such.

“They are just treating the climate crisis​ ​as it was a political topic, among other topics and, yeah, treat it as a crisis, that’s the No. 1 step​,” she added.​

Pressed by Hasan to name some things she would suggest to the president if he could wave a “presidential magic wand” in the form of an executive order, Thunberg said “nothing,” arguing that such a means would be “undemocratic”.

She, however, shifted gears to argue that what is important is getting people involved so that people can increase public pressure on elected leaders regarding the issue.

“So what we need now is to raise awareness and to create public opinion to treat the crisis like a crisis. Because if people are not aware of the crisis that we face, of course they won’t put pressure on the elected leaders. So I would just tell him to, to tell the situation as it is,” she said.

Thunberg also said world leaders who complain that they can’t do anything to change environmental policy due to a lack of support need to build support for what they want to accomplish.

“Well, how can you expect support and pressure from voters if you are not treating the crisis like a crisis. Since the climate crisis doesn’t exist, how can we expect people to want climate action,” she said.

The activist also said to MSNBC she found it “hilarious” when world leaders such as Trump criticize her.

“You need to be able to laugh at these things, because it is hilarious!” she said. “To see such powerful people go after you, it really shows that you are having an impact. They wouldn’t do it if you weren’t a threat to them, so that you should take as a compliment.”

Back in December 2019, the same month that Thunberg was announced as TIME’s Person of the Year, Trump tweeted that the teenage activist had an “anger management problem” and suggested: “Chill, Greta, Chill!”

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New Hire at the Office Of Nuclear Energy at DOE Promotes ‘Sexual Fetishes and Kinks’



Screen Shot 2022 02 13 at 10.28.09 PM e1644852167376

Last month the Biden administration appointed Sam Brinton to serve as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy at the Department of Energy. Brinton is an MIT-trained engineer whose sexual fetishes include tying up his partner while he eats dinner and watches Star Trek, reports The Washington Examiner.

Prior to become high up the in the Office of Nuclear Energy, Brinton worked at the gay and transgender suicide prevention organization the Trevor Project. Even before that, Brinton has “a history of promoting sexual fetishes and kinks related to animal role-playing” adds the Examiner.

Libs of Tik Tok posted a photo of Brinton, wearing a black dress and heels, standing over three men with sexual fetish leather masks on the ground. The photo of the administration’s new hire quickly went viral.

“This is Sam Brinton – a drag queen and LGBTQ + activist who was just hired to a top level position at the DOE” the tweet read.

The student newspaper at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from 2017 explains how Brinton held a discussion on kinks and sex education at the campus. “Throughout the entire talk, Brinton was open about his experiences, the kinks he partakes in, and the nature of his relationships” the article stated.

It continued, “he left us with countless anecdotes, like how he enjoys tying up his significant other like a table, and eating his dinner on him while he watches Star Trek.”

Brinton holds a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and also previously advised former President Donald Trump on nuclear waste matters. The Department of Energy did not respond to a request for comment, reports the Examiner.

Senior analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy, J Michael Waller tweeted the Examiner’s article with a photo of Brinton wearing a dress and makeup on what appears to be some sort of red carpet event.

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