Grenell Joins RNC, Labels Trump ‘Most Pro-Gay President in US History’

Richard Grenell, who recently left his cabinet post as the acting Director of National Intelligence, will now be working for the Republican National Committee as a senior adviser to focus on LGBT voter outreach, according to a Fox News exclusive.

“As America’s first openly-gay cabinet member, I can confidently say that President Trump has done more for gay and lesbian Americans than any other president, and it is not even close,” Grenell told Fox News.

Just before the announcement, Grenell was featured in a video released Thursday promoting President Trumps as the “most pro-gay President in American history.” In the video, Grenell slams the record of 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who “as a United States Senator… said gay people couldn’t receive security clearances because we would be a security risk.”

“Joe must have been terrified when Donald Trump appointed me as acting Director of National Intelligence,” Grenell said in the Log Cabin Republicans’ video. “The fact that I’m gay didn’t even phase Donald Trump. Joe Biden certainly didn’t congratulate the appointment or even acknowledge it, but his silence was defeaning.”