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Middle East

Grassley demands IG and State Dept probe into John Kerry



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Almost two weeks since the news broke that former Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly revealed sensitive information about Israeli covert operations to Iran’s foreign minister, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is asking Secretary of State Antony Blinken and acting Inspector General Diana Shaw to examine the allegations.

In a leaked recorded interview, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif reportedly claimed that Kerry told him about covert Israeli operations on Iranian targets in Syria. Kerry denies the allegations.

Yet, the Biden Administration has not commented on the situation. Grassley, along with other senators, sent a letter to President Biden early last week to ask him to investigate Kerry. That letter went unanswered.

Now, as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Grassley is asking that records regarding meetings Kerry had with Zarif be sent to the committee for review. His deadline is May 18th.

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“President Biden has the power to act and so do you,” Grassley writes in the letters.

But, when this reporter reached out to the State Department Inspector General for comment, a spokesperson said “We have no additional information to share at this time.”

The State Department echoed the empty statement. “The department respects the role of congress and does not comment on congressional correspondence,” a State Department spokesperson told

Many calls for action have gone unanswered. While some have asked that Kerry resign from his current position as presidential envoy for climate on the National Security Council, others like Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) are simply asking that Kerry’s security clearance be temporarily suspended while he is investigated. So far, nothing has changed.

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Middle East

Islamic Republic arresting women who refuse to wear the mandated Hijab



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The Islamic Republic of Iran is emboldening its prowess as it seems to be getting away with instigating unrest in the Middle East. Over the weekend, Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel. But inside the country, authoritarian reign is also rearing its ugly head. On April 3, the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reiterated his support for the Hijab coverings for women. He stated that “Hijab is a Sharia-based obligation that must not be abrogated. Hijab is also a legal obligation, and everyone must respect the law.” morality police have been reported to be involved in a new crackdown on women in the country who refuse to wear the mandated hijab in public places.

On April 15, Iranian journalist Diana Ghalibaf posted on X that she had been arrested for a hijab violation and was later returned to jail for her subsequent publicizing of the event. The regime’s national police chief, Ahmad-Reza Radan, announced in an April 11th press release that more attention would be paid to public dress standards.

Foreign Desk News reports: “Social media images of the new efforts have shown violent arrests by both male and female officers, including the use of Tasers to force compliance. One new tactic appears to be the deployment of plainclothes officers near the confrontation sites to prevent bystanders from interfering with any of the investigations.”



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