Graham To Pres. Trump: ‘If you get a second term…that says a lot about the impeachment process’

Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters Wednesday afternoon that he spoke to President Trump ahead of an expected House vote in favor of his impeachment. “I talked to him today. I said ‘how are you doing?’ ‘Well I’m being impeached. Other than that, I’m doing ok’,” Graham said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman explained that the President views the process as “a partisan exercise,” but that his worry is what it will mean for future presidents. Further, Graham told him ‘Mr. President, when you look at the last week you’ve accomplished some things that would be a great year for any normal president.”

“I think he sees this as a partisan exercise. I think he’s worried about the effect this will have on the presidency itself, but I told him “Your legacy is going to now include being impeached by the House, acquitted by the Senate. The question is will it be more than that. I assured him it would. That if he gets a second term it will be bigger than it is today,” Graham explained.

He continued, “Then I stressed to him to that ‘what you’re doing to rebuild the military is much appreciated, my view of getting out of Iran deal is a good move, what you’ve done in Israel is historic and the way you’ve reshaped the federal courts are gonna be one of your greatest legacies. So, Mr. President, you’ve got a lot to be proud of. Take your case to the American people… If you get a second term, I think that says a lot about the impeachment process.”

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote Wednesday night on two articles of impeachment charging President Donald Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

The President has chimed in throughout the day on Twitter lambasting the ‘radical Left’ and ‘Do Nothing Democrats’ for pushing impeachment forward with no crime. President Trump has signaled, however, that he’s moving on and will do so quickly. In fact, It’s likely the House will vote to impeach him as he begins to speak at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan.