Graham: SCOTUS Justices Should Not Become ‘Legislators in a Robe’

“The bottom line is there’s a movement to change America as we know it,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday morning (R-SC) while delivering his remarks in front of Supreme Court against court-packing.

Graham said that a group of “the most partisan people in this town,” is trying to “fundamentally changing the makeup of the court, which would set in motion the end of the rule of law as we know it.”

“The court would become a political football, ” continued Graham. “Destroying US independence and the American people would lose faith in the institution by increasing the number of United States senators, making D.C. a state is the biggest assault on the Senate in my lifetime and comes at the expense of Texas and South Carolina and every other state.”

“The Republican Party in the Senate is the last line of defense against this radical agenda, and I want to thank Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema for rejecting the idea of changing the filibuster. I’m asking no more of them than asking myself. So I appreciate what they’re doing for the Senate and for the country. But conservatives care about the court. Our goal is to make sure that people on the court do not become legislators in a robe. Their goal is to add to the court judges who will do our job. Creating laws, not interpreting laws, this is the biggest fight for the rule of law maybe since Marbury vs. Madison, well, that somebody who I respect immensely when it comes to legal ability who’s worked in this building, and I can tell you better than I can how single vote can change America in the Supreme Court.”