October 11, 2020

Gov. Whitmer: Michigan votes will not ‘have artificial deadlines set by…people with political agendas’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer raised many eyebrows Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation ‘after saying that the results of the state’s election won’t be announced by “artificial deadlines” set by “people with political agendas.

The Governor apparently doesn’t want to let anyone know what the rules are for the presidential election on Nov. 3 in her home state of Michigan.

“Michigan will be able to announce results, but we are not going to have artificial deadlines set by, you know, people with political agendas,” she said. “We’re gonna get this right.”

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Concern has been mounting over universal mail-in-ballots and this years complications during the upcoming Nov. 3, presidential election due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Whitmer also responded to a CBS poll that found half of Trump’s supporters think they should monitor voting places.

As for a CBS poll that found half of Trump supporters believe that polling places should be monitored “we are prepared to make sure this election goes smoothly. We’re gonna keep people safe as they go to the polls, and we will not tolerate anyone who’s trying to interfere with someone’s ability to safely vote.”