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Gov. Cuomo’s 25k raise will make him the highest paid governor



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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive a $25,000 pay raise in 2021, despite the state’s $63 billion deficit as a result of revenue losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Post is reporting.

This will make him the highest paid governor in the nation.

According to a report released by The Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation, judges and lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly will not be receiving raises due to losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Granting raises to public servants is simply not possible at this time,” the commission wrote in the report.

The commission’s decision does not affect Cuomo’s raise, which was approved last year under a joint resolution by the state Senate and Assembly. 

Cuomo will also be receiving additional income this year from his memoir, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which was released on Oct. 13.

According to Cuomo, a portion of the sales will go to a coronavirus-related charity.

According to The Times Union of Albany, the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics has been reviewing the approval the agency gave to Cuomo’s book deal.

Commissioner Gary Lavine, a Senate Republican appointee, has questioned whether Cuomo’s commissioners, JCOPE Chairman Michael Rozen and Horwitz, are aware of certain outside income requests, while other commissioners were being left in the dark.

It’s not clear whether the commissioners were aware of Cuomo’s book approval before the publishing deal was announced in August.

New York’s Department of Budget has predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely cause a $60.5 billion loss through fiscal year 2024.

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White House Confirms It Is Looking Into Shutting Down Oil Pipeline Amid Fuel Crisis



Gas Pipeline

The Biden administration confirmed that it is considering shutting down an oil pipeline in Michigan despite the ongoing fuel crisis in the country.

“Revoking the permits for the [Line 5] pipeline that delivers oil from western Canada across Wisconsin, the Great Lakes and Michigan and into Ontario, would please environmentalists who have urged the White House to block fossil fuel infrastructure, but it would aggravate a rift with Canada and could exacerbate a spike in energy prices that Republicans are already using as a political weapon,” Politico Pro reported. “Killing a pipeline while U.S. gasoline prices are the highest in years could be political poison for Biden, who has seen his approval rating crash in recent months.”

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked about the report during Monday’s press briefing, asking, “why is the administration now considering shutting down the Line 5 pipeline from Canada to Michigan?”

“So, Peter, that is inaccurate,” Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed. “That is not right. So, any reporting indicating that some decision has been made, again, is not accurate. … So, again, I would — it is inaccurate what you just stated, but —”

“What’s inaccurate?” Doocy asked.

“The reporting about us wanting to shut down the Line 5,” Jean-Pierre said.

“I didn’t say ‘wanting.’  I said, is it being studied right now?  Is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the Line 5?”

“Yeah. Yes, we are. We are,” Jean-Pierre admitted.


The news comes as gas prices have reached their highest since 2014, when Biden was vice president, and are currently about 50% higher than they were when Biden entered office.

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