Gov. Cuomo to meet with Biden in Washington to discuss Covid-19 relief plan

New York gov. Andrew Cuomo is scheduled to travel to Washington D.C. Friday to meet with President Joe Biden to discuss the federal American Rescue Plan for dealing with the coronavirus, according to a White House press release.

Cuomo and Biden will meet in the Oval Office with a bipartisan group of mayors and governors to discuss COVID relief and vaccination efforts.

New York has partnered with the White House to launch two new mass immunization sites in Brooklyn and Queens.

This will be Cuomo’s first White House visit since Biden took office in January.

This meeting comes as Cuomo is facing backlash for how his administration concealed COVID-19 nursing home death tolls.

New information was released Thursday alleging that his administration hid data on nursing home deaths to avoid a Trump administration investigation.

Many lawmakers are now calling for Cuomo’s removal.

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