GOP report: Biden Admin pursing ‘radical and dangerous immigration policies’

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee released a lengthy report Monday outlining numerous ongoing changes being made by Biden administration to unravel Trump immigration laws and policies. Republican lawmakers said Biden’s policies, including the 9 executive orders he’s issued on immigration, is putting American lives in danger.

The Republican report, authored by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Ranking Member Committee on the Judiciary and Rep. Tom McClintock, R- CA, Ranking Member Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, referenced numerous news reports, interviews, as well as Government Accountability Reports to back their arguments against the Biden’s lax border and immigration policies.

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“Biden’s immigration policies will rehash the failed policies of the Obama-Biden Administration and will only make Americans less safe,” the report states. “These radical ideas will not only affect border communities, but they will also lead to the release of dangerous criminal aliens into neighborhoods around the country.”

Report Lays Out Biden’s plans

  • Biden “has proposed ending or rolling back President Trump’s immigration successes, pledged to reinstitute “catch and release,” and has implemented a 100-day”
  • The Biden Admin has “promised to reverse Trump Administration funding restrictions on far-left sanctuary jurisdictions that ignore federal immigration law and refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities.”
  • Legislation is being proposed “to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants currently in the United States. This proposal would repeat the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty, which only made illegal immigration worse by encouraging more people to come into the country illegally.”
  • Biden has “pledged to undo the Trump Administration’s public charge regulation, which assesses an alien’s likelihood of needing U.S. taxpayer-funded benefits upon arrival in the U.S.

The congressional members noted that “Biden’s radical approach to immigration policy ignores the hard truths of the current state of migration. With an open borders policy, criminals are incentivized to cross the border illegally. In light of recent activist court rulings, criminal aliens are incentivized to bring children with them because they know immigration authorities must release them.”

Several Border Patrol officials who recently spoke to me about the massive changes sweeping across the federal government due to changes in immigration policy under the Biden administration agree with Jordan and McClintock.

They, along with others I’ve interviewed in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stress that the lax laws do little to benefit the immigrants or the American people, “instead it gives incentives to drug cartels and human traffickers” to continue their criminal and dangerous behavior.

The report is an excellent outline of how dangerous this situation really is and it can be read in full here.

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