GOP lawmaker warns Biden: Don’t let Afghanistan and Taliban become the next Israel and Hamas

National Security Subcommittee Ranking Member Glenn Grothman (R-WI) issued a stern warning during a hearing on US action in Afghanistan Thursday. “We must ensure that Afghanistan and the Taliban are not the next Israel and Hamas,” Grothman said. This comes after President Biden committed to removing all troops from the country by September 11 of this year.

The hearing was titled “Examining Next Steps for U.S. Engagement in Afghanistan” and Grothman pointed out that this was a long time coming. Former President Trump began returning troops in May 2020, the Wisconsin representative reminded fellow committee members.

“But we are here today to discuss ending America’s longest war,” Grothman said. “For nearly 20 years, the U.S. has had a military presence in Afghanistan. Peaking at over 100,000 soldiers. We have lost 2,448 heroes and another 20,722 have been injured.”

Grothman suggested that Trump had a better strategy in 2020, demanding that the Taliban disavow al-Qaeda before he removed all troops. However, Biden has not made such a condition and is removing troops anyway. “We must prioritize a withdrawal that stifles potential violence, protects against a vacuum of terror, maintains regional stability, and maintains social gains – especially those for Afghan women and girls,” Grothman said.

He also alluded that even when the troops are gone, there will still is work to be done. “It is likely the American taxpayer will continue to provide assistance to the Afghan government,” he said.

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