GOP Congressional Candidate: It’s Time For GOP Women To Start ‘Banging the Drum’

Republican Congressional candidate Genevieve Collins (TX) explained in an interview with “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning that Republican women are running for office and getting louder in politics.

“Women are doing so much right now,” she said. “Women are running businesses, we’re running families, we’re running board rooms and courtrooms, and hospitals. And, yet, we’re not running our politics?”

Collins told the story of her grandmother, who in 1957 was the first women to run for office in Dallas, Texas. “She was the first woman ever elected to Dallas City Council. So, I think it’s time that women are finally owning our voice and really stepping up because we are really capable of doing so much,” Collins said.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, there are currently 88 Democrat women and 13 Republican women. When asked about the disparity in female representation between the two parties, Collins explained, “Well, we haven’t stood up loud and talked loud enough yet. I think it’s important that women, Republican women especially talk about issues that matter to us, like the economy, like education, like national security.”

She added, “It’s time that we really start talking much loudly and really banging the drum for Republican women’s perspectives and voices to be heard loud and proud in Washington, D.C. and across our nation.”