President Trump’s decision on whether or not he will sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller is imminent, according to his attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani told Politico, “I think our decisions will get made in the next week to 10 days.”

The Special Counsel would like to question Trump on obstruction-related topics as well as why he fired former FBI Director James Comey.

I think our decisions will get made in the next week to 10 days

Despite the fact that the President would like to sit down with Mueller, his attorney explains that the legal team is still considering declining the interview altogether.

The former New York City mayor said the legal team is reviewing the latest proposal from Mueller, which would allow Trump to provide written answers to some questions. The proposal still has some obstruction-related questions, and the attorneys are opposed to any direct questions on obstruction.

“We don’t want questioning on obstruction. They would have to concede that,” he told Politico. “It depends on how much they want his testimony on the other [topic].”

According to Giuliani, the decision deadline will help keep the Special Counsel on track for their report on obstruction, which is likely to be submitted by September.

Professor Alan Dershowitz told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that he doesn’t believe Trump will give any verbal testimony to Mueller. “All they want to do is get him to say–in a context where he can be charged with a crime–something that is controversial and something that somebody else will come in and testify and say ‘no he told me something different,” he said. “You can be charged with lying to prosecution officials even if you tell the truth if there’s another witness who comes in and gives a different account…”

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