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Germany’s Neanderthal Museum invites Biden to visit



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The Neanderthal Museum in Germany responded to President Joe Biden’s “neanderthal thinking” comment regarding the Texas and Mississippi governors’ decision to remove the statewide mask mandates, in a tweet posted Thursday.

The museum, located in Mettmann, approved of the president’s criticism of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves for removing the mask requirements and loosening coronavirus restrictions.

“Dear @JoeBiden we approve of Your criticism concerning the decision to end state-wide mask mandates,” the museum tweeted.

“Still we strongly recommend You to visit our museum, once it is possible,” the post continued. “#neanderthals were smarter than You think!”

Biden has faced backlash after speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Wednesday regarding the removal of the mask mandate, describing the decision as “neanderthal thinking.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called Biden a “hypocrite” for criticizing Texas policies while allowing illegal immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 into Texas.

“How dare him attack Texas for our policies when he is allowing the border to be overrun by people coming in here by the hundreds, by the thousands and testing positive and coming on a bus to your state wherever you happen to live in the United States of America,” Patrick said, according to Fox News.

“What a hypocrite,” he added.

“The Biden administration was exposing Texans to COVID,” he continued. “That is a Neanderthal-type approach to dealing with the COVID situation.”

More than 100 illegal immigrants who were released by the Border Patrol into Texas since January have tested positive for coronavirus.

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Federal Reserve Economist on hidden camera: ‘we don’t want Trump to be in the government’



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Hidden Camera captures Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve talking about Jerome Powell’s legacy as “somebody who held the line against like, Trump.” According to hidden camera footage of Aurel Hizmo, principal economist at the Federal Reserve, the U.S. agency could have fixed inflation a while ago but refused to do so for fear of hurting President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

Hizmo told an undercover reporter that the Fed stopped raising the rates to tackle inflation because it could cause a recession that would likely end Biden’s 2024 campaign.

The influential agency responsible for maintaining a stable monetary system appears to not just be establishing interest rates, but to be setting policies for desired social outcomes. “Under Powell, the Fed has changed to think about equity issues, like racial issues, think about wealth inequality as part of the mandate, as part of the things we are following. Think about climate change.” Aurel Hizmo, Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve, who prior to working at the Fed was an Assistant Professor helps write speeches for Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell for the Federal Open Market Committee.

Hizmo says “Trump is just a crazy person” and conservatives are “dumb” as he describes to OMG’s American Swiper Citizen Journalist a politicized Federal Reserve Board where Powell has promoted ESG issues like climate change and “wants to be remembered in history” “as a savior.” But shhh…don’t tell anyone because Hizmo says: “I’m just really worried that I’m saying stuff that’s classified…It’s all classified.”



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