Germany bans Iranian Airliner, Officials Say U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell To Thank

Germany issued an immediate ban of a major Iranian commercial airliner Monday, after evidence revealed the airliner was used for moving weapons to Syria, among other nefarious actions. The intensifying sanctions against Iran by the Europe Union were expected as Iran has been accused of targeting other member nations in the bloc.

Key U.S. officials touted the extraordinary work of U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, for the swift action and cooperation of Germany. Grenell, considered Trump’s top diplomat, has been working diligently to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its global terrorist actions, specifically in Europe.

Mahan Air, which operates throughout the globe and is Iran’s second-largest carrier after Iran Air, was the target of an extensive investigation by German authorities and evidence revealed it was moving weapons to Syria, officials stated. The airliner operates four flights a week between Tehran and the German cities Duesseldorf and Munich, according to its website.

“Iran’s Mahan Air is shut down in Germany, immediately,” Grenell Tweeted out. “Thank you to the German government for their leadership.”

Convincing the German government to ban the airliner and hold Iran accountable was only achieved by persistent diplomacy and evidence gathered exposing Iran’s misdeeds, according to sources who spoke to

On Monday, Israeli Officials noted that it had targeted Iranian Quds elite forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards overnight in Syria, according to the BBC. Syrian military officials claimed they shot down most of the Israeli missiles.

The Israel Defense Forces, known as IDF, said they responded after the Quds Force fired a rocket into the occupied Golan Heights on Sunday, according to reports.

Banning Mahan Air from German airspace will hurt the Iranian regimes ability to move weapons and take away a significant European air resources from the regime, said officials. U.S. and European officials say it was Grenell’s hard work and due diligence that put this policy into place and had the German government listening.

“German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately,” Grenell warned last May.

I certainly hope those companies heeded Grenell’s warning.