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George H.W. Bush Foundation Embraces China’s Mask Donation, Ignores the Deadly Virus They Lied About



I just want to make one thing clear before I go on with this short column that first and foremost China lied to the world. The Chinese Communist Party lied about COVID19, and has left the world mired in a pandemic that has killed more than 217,000 people and infected more than 3.1 million people. Moreover, economies are paralyzed and every day more and more people are losing their jobs and some of their lives all because the Chinese government failed to report the truth.

In the U.S. alone more than 27 million people have applied for unemployment in the past several months, which is a staggering number and evidence of China’s destructive behavior.

Now the Chinese Communist Party, through the George H.W. Bush Foundation for US-China Relations in Houston and the Sino U.S. Cooperation in Beijing are going to donate more than 100,000 masks to the city of Houston. It is supposed to be a gesture of goodwill but remember China does nothing without having an ulterior motive.

It was stunning to see a recent story in the Chinese communist news outlet, The China Daily, where Neil Bush, the son of George H. W. Bush was praising the Chinese government’s donation of masks, as well as its friendship with the United States.

“We share a common humanity, and the willingness to help support communities around the globe in times of need reflects the values that are consistent with my father’s life-long service to others, and consistent with the values that underpin the relationship between the US and China,” Neil Bush said in a statement posted in the Chinese communist outlet. 

China, however, is opportunistic and its actions around the world over the past several months are evidence of that. The communist party seizes on opportunities in the midst of the crisis. They have used this crisis to build up its military, pillage economies and integrate itself into nations and organizations blinded by China’s ambitions as long as it lines their pockets.

For example, while the world is grappling with how to handle the COVID19 pandemic the Chinese military is expanding in the South China Sea, the communists are putting a stranglehold on Hong Kong freedom movements and the party continues to crush any hope of independence for Taiwan.

In a similar move to providing masks for a disease they themselves, the Chinese government help spread, it is now donating $30 million dollars to the World Health Organization, just as the Trump administration said it would pull funding because of the organization’s failure in responding to the pandemic, as well as its deference to China.

We should hold China accountable, not praise the nation like Neil Bush has done in his statement and with his organization. Instead of masks, China should be pay for its actions against our nation, its own people and for that matter, the world. The communist nation shouldn’t be given an opportunity to turn their own mess into good deeds or exploit a world in chaos.

Gordon Chang, who lived in China for roughly 20 years and is the author of the book “The Coming Collapse of China” told me on The Sara Carter Show podcast that China must be held accountable and that the United States must rethink its old failed foreign policy with the communist nation.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily in an interview with host Alex Marlow, Chang proposed building an allied coalition against China to hold the nation financially responsible for its actions. He proposed that Washington seize China’s U.S. Treasury holdings and that it should be done in parallel measures in Ottawa, London, Brussels, Bern, and Tokyo.

“If we act with our allies and friends — the issuers of these other currencies — we can take away that argument from China. We can never take enough money from China to compensate us. We’ve lost so many people. We will lose so many people,” said Chang. “Even just if you looked at the financial damages, China doesn’t have enough assets in the world to compensate the United States, much less other countries. Nonetheless, we’ve got to deter bad actors including China from doing what they did in spreading this disease.”

“All we have to do is [have] the Treasury Department and the President of the United States say, ‘We’re not paying you back. We’re confiscating your holdings of treasuries,” said Chang.

Chang is right. If we don’t do something now to hold the failed Chinese communist party accountable for a pandemic they allowed to be unleashed on the world, we never will.

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China Says It’s Ready for Monkeypox and the West Isn’t




As the Western press is becoming more and more concerned with monkeypox outbreaks, a recent bombshell report shows that Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China manipulated monkeypox to be more contagious in humans. This follows more evidence that the WIV had been experimenting with bat coronaviruses to increasingly infect humans.

But rather than agree to an honest investigation into the WIV and its role in spreading contagion around the world, China is once again trying to sell us an alternative reality. According to Chinese state-run media, it is China that is once again poised to be humanity’s savior and darling when it comes to fighting monkeypox, much like COVID-19. Not only that, but CCP press reporting shows evidence of China having an eerily well advanced infrastructure and gameplan to fight monkeypox. The West in contrast is not prepared, according to China.

Claim #1: China has the Wisdom to Fight Monkeypox

First, Chinese state-run media portray China as in a good position to combat monkeypox due to wisdom gleaned from combating COVID-19 and smallpox. One Global Times article noted that “[i]n the very early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has taken the measures of ‘early identification, reporting, isolation, diagnosis and treatment.’ Under such guidance, China has become one of the most successful countries in the COVID fight.” Another Global Times article cites a World Health Organization official as stating that “China’s COVID-19 control measures in place and largely reduced international arrivals minimize the risks of contagion in China.” A third Global Times article, citing “experts,” claims that “China’s successful experience in eliminating smallpox would also help the country act if monkeypox enters China’s borders…”

Claim #2: Chinese Healthcare Infrastructure Is Well Prepared to Deal with Monkeypox

China is well ahead of the game in dealing with monkeypox, according to Chinese state-run media. Chinese experts “suggest preparation of testing and treatment capacities in advance” to proactively combat monkeypox, according to Global Times. And “drug research should start early so that China can still control [monkeypox] should it assume pandemic proportions,” according to China Daily.

China is apparently quite far along in this “preparation” and “research.”

There are “several” Chinese manufacturers that have already made monkeypox nucleic acid test kits, and that these “can be quickly put into mass production and on the domestic market once approved by the government,” according to a second Global Times article.  This article also states that Chinese manufacturer Liferiver Bio-Tech has a nucleic acid test that has already been ordered in China and abroad.

This same article also states that vaccine development faces “no technological problems” and a vaccine can be produced in China in a year if China’s drug administration administers “a rapid special review.” China’s CDC also has already stockpiled “millions” of doses of smallpox vaccine, produced “an emergency response technical plan on monkeypox, stocked monkeypox detection reagents, and conducted training on monkeypox nucleic acid PCR testing for provincial and municipal CDC professionals.”

Mirroring its earlier “mask diplomacy” for COVID-19, it looks like China is beginning to export its healthcare to the world to help combat monkeypox. China’s Sansure Biotech is ready to register its nucleic acid test kit for monkeypox abroad, according to Global Times. And Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies has already has its Monkeypox Virus Real Time PCR Kits in the international market, according to Global Times.

Claim #3: The West is Ill-Equipped to Handle Monkeypox

On the other hand, Chinese media portrays the West as ill-equipped to handle monkeypox. For example, according to one Global Times editorial, “[t]he COVID pandemic that killed more than 1 million people in the US has given a tragic lesson to the US and the West, but it still remains to be seen to what extent the US and the West learned from it.” The West’s “conspiracy theories” and “panic” contributed to the “Western countries’ poor response to COVID-19.” That CCP editorial also pontificates that “[i]t is hoped that Western countries hit by monkeypox can do a good job in responding to the outbreak. They should not misjudge the virus with outdated perceptions…”

Claim #4: Current Monkeypox spread originated from outside China

Chinese media avoids the possibility that this current monkeypox outbreak could have originated in China. One Global Times article claims that there have been no cases of monkeypox reported in China, and that China faces a threat from monkeypox due to the cases being “outside known epidemic areas of Africa.” The fact that many countries have now lifted bans against international travel is the culprit for increased risk of monkeypox transmission, according to anonymous source within the Chinese CDC as mentioned in that same article. Another Global Times article stated that China could quarantine inbound international travellers “if necessary.”

The CCP propaganda machine is at it again.  Much like it tries to portray itself as a leader in fighting COVID-19, China is beginning to run a similar propaganda campaign for monkeypox. China is using COVID-19, and increasingly now monkeypox, as vehicles to curry favor and deflect responsibility for spreading contagion around the world, and to grow markets for healthcare technology and supplies.

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