Flynn’s brother sues CNN for ‘false’ Q-anon association claim

Former national security advisor Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s brother, Jack Flynn, filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN for $75 million Thursday.

“Plaintiffs are not followers or supporters of any extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon,” the suit reads. “CNN falsely attributed to Plaintiffs associations that never existed, actions Plaintiffs never took, including an oath of allegiance to QAnon, and views Plaintiffs never held.”

According to the Hill, Flynn is suing over a Feb. 4 report claiming the Flynn family pledged allegiance to Q-anon and that the clan were supporters of the group.

“CNN’s false attributions exposed Plaintiffs to public scorn, ridicule and contempt, and lowered their esteem in the community, causing insult, embarrassment, humiliation and substantial injury to Plaintiffs’ reputations,” the suit says.

The suit says the TV segment used an edited version of a July 4 video posted by Gen. Flynn showing him, his brother, and other family members saying a pledge. The suit is for “fraudulently making it appear and insinuating that [Jack and Leslie] pledged an oath of allegiance to QAnon,” according to the suit.

A CNN spokesperson would not comment on the matter to the Hill.

“As a policy we don’t comment on litigation,” they said.

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