Gen. Flynn: ‘The struggle for this country will never end’

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn called into The Rush Limbaugh radio show on Wednesday in his first interview since he’s been set free. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals asked Judge Emmet Sullivan, who’s overseeing his case, to dismiss it on Wednesday.

“This is Mike Flynn, how you doing,” Flynn said, taking his first victory lap since he’s been cleared by the court.

Thanking Limbaugh and others who stood by him throughout the battle to vindicate his name, Flynn added, “The fight’s not over, as you’ve been highlighting for not just today, but for a long time.”

“And, what the decision today is really it’s a good thing for General Flynn, it’s a good thing for me, it’s a good thing for my family, but it’s really a boost of confidence for the American people and our justice system because that’s what this really comes down to is whether or not our justice system is going to have the confidence of the American people in it and boy, you’re listeners know this,” Flynn explained.

“I will just tell you that, I have always believed and fought for our rule of law- the most important thing that we have in this country bar none is that. And we have to make it work whether we like it or not. And it has to work with the right people and the right leaders and the people of our country to step up to the plate. And, you know, elections matter, voting matters.”

Flynn expressed happiness over the court’s decision “not only for our family but for our country” and thanked Limbaugh and the many others who stood by him.

“It never ends. You know, the struggle for this country will never end,” Flynn said.

“It’s never over, I do not expect it to be over. You know, this is a phase that has ended and we will go into another phase, but you know, I’m from good Irish stock so my family has really stuck with us and behind us and I think a lot of Americans have seen that.”

Flynn concluded the short interview by recognizing his attorney, Sidney Powell, who he called the “American guardian of justice.” “She is somebody who you want in your corner, boy, when you’re in the middle of a knife fight, which I have been in,” Flynn said.

“You’ve got to find the right weaknesses and we finally did… The weakness was to shine light on truth, that’s really what it came down to.”