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Gas Masks, Fireworks, Nails, Mace Among Items Found In Van Abandoned Near Seattle Riots



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During riots on Saturday near Capitol Hill in Seattle, rioters directed several explosions towards officers — one leaving a hole in the Seattle Police Department East Precinct. Police observed a van moving with the crowd and obtained a search warrant, later finding loads of weapons and dangerous objects.

According to a report by the Seattle police, a witness said they saw “what appeared to be improvised shields, gas masks, baseball bats and a large assortment of pyrotechnic explosives inside the van.” This call and the explosions led to the search which resulted in the findings.

Due to a strange parking position and the nearby explosions, the bomb squad had to clear the vehicle before it was impounded and searched.

Other items discovered included improvised spike strips, homemade shields, shin guards, helmets and other body armor, and other items.

The Saturday riots resulted in several trailers at a construction site being set ablaze. Numerous cars in the parking lot at 12th Avenue and Alder Street and several businesses were damaged. A local youth center was firebombed by the crowd, as well.

Anyone with information on the van or riot damage is asked to contact the Seattle Police Violent Crimes tip line at (206) 233-5000.

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BREAKING: Senate votes down both articles of impeachment against Mayorkas in party-line vote




The Senate voted down two articles of impeachment Wednesday which alleged Department of Homeland Security Secretary  Alejandro Mayorkas engaged in the “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” regarding the southern border in his capacity as DHS secretary. The second claimed Mayorkas had breached public trust.

What resulted in a party-line vote, began with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., proposing a point of order declaring the first article unconstitutional, to which the majority of senators agreed following several failed motions by Republicans. The article was deemed unconstitutional by a vote of 51-48, with Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, voting present.

Fox News reports:

Schumer’s point of order was proposed after his request for unanimous consent, which would have provided a set amount of time for debate among the senators, as well as votes on two GOP resolutions and a set amount of agreed upon points of order, was objected to by Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo.

Schmitt stated in his objection that the Senate should conduct a full trial into the impeachment articles against Mayorkas, rather than the debate and points of order suggested by Schumer’s unanimous consent request, which would be followed by a likely successful motion to dismiss the articles. 

Republican senators took issue with Schumer’s point of order, as agreeing to it would effectively kill the first of the two articles. Several GOP lawmakers proposed motions, which took precedence over the point of order, to adjourn or table the point, among other things. But all GOP motions failed. 

After another batch of motions to avoid voting on Schumer’s second point of order, which would deem the second article unconstitutional, the Senate agreed to it. The vote was along party lines 51-49, with Murkowski rejoining the Republicans. 

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