GAFFE: Biden rescued by MSNBC supporter reporter

Former Vice President Joe Biden was rescued Saturday by an MSNBC anchor during a slew of gaffes regarding the Paycheck Protection Act.

It was one percent of the money. No, wait that’s not it – it’s the bill for major businesses. Nope, not it either.

It’s Main Street Lending, we think? The Trump War Room on Twitter captured the cringe worthy interview. It was gut wrenching at one point, until the frustrated Biden supporter reporter saved him.

“The Paycheck Protection Act, only 1% of the money has gone out! Wait, that’s uh, mmm, uh not the paycheck… That’s the uhm, the mmm, the bill for small, for major, for major…” trailed-off Biden, until rescued by the MSNBC supporter posing as a journalist.