Gaetz on McCabe: ‘The Swamp Creatures Chewing on Each Other for Once’

“The facts have Andrew McCabe dead to rights,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz, (R-FL) on “The Story.”

“McCabe lied to Comey, he lied to the inspector general, and he lied to the internal affairs investigators who determined he had authorized the release of information that disclosed the work that was being done regarding the Clinton Foundation,” continued Gaetz.

“Andrew McCabe said, ‘Well, Comey knew about all these things.’ Comey disputes that. Now we’ve got some of the swamp creatures chewing on each other for once.”

“Now, Andrew McCabe appears to be potentially at the business end of an indictment for his false statements where he was trying to shape the media narrative regarding how the FBI and the DOJ were interacting on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”