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GA School Denying Employees Made ‘List’ of Insubordinate Parents



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On Tuesday, a Georgia talk show host Monica Matthews tweeted about a private school in Georgia that compiled a “watch list” of parents they deemed as “insubordinate.” Matthews tweeted a photo of what looks to be the email of the list, with the names thoughtfully blurred out.

“BREAKING- GA School @TheLovettSchool DEI office compiles “list” of parent target list. The notes make their agenda clear” tweeted Matthews.

The subject of the email was “Re: Insubordinate/Prelim List?” Before the list of parents, titled “INSUBORDINATE PRELIM HITS” the body of the email reads: “Yes, I know and thank you for doing this. It is long overdue. I’m disgusted by some of these parents. Need to prioritize our efforts as some have too much influence. Our watch list – to keep hard-copy only? Confirm!”

The Lovett School in Atlanta, however, denied that the email existed in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Let me begin by explaining this is a completely fabricated email and list” the statement from the school read.

“The administrators used in this attack are distraught as they and the School consider all of these families valuable members of our community. Many individuals on this list are dear friends of those who purportedly sent this email” the statement continued.

The school even went so far as to say “the Board of Trustees, in conjunction with outside legal counsel and forensic experts, will conduct an independent third-party audit of the email server to corroborate the preliminary findings.”

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  1. Profx

    February 10, 2022 at 10:36 am

    We will wait for the coverup…

  2. Pat Novak

    February 13, 2022 at 5:31 pm

    I’m really curious as to how the “The Lovett School in Atlanta, however, denied that the email existed”, and then claimed that “many individuals on this list are dear friends of those who purportedly sent this email”…..all when first, “the email does not exist” and second if the email doesn’t exist and the only evidence of it has the names blurred, how do they know who was named???
    Also, if the email doesn’t exist, why would they be conducting a third party audit of the email server???
    And finally, I would have to ask if the ‘third party’ has past experience ‘conductin audits’ of this sort, cause as we saw in Arizona, you need to be experienced and vetted by some govt. authority before you can be competent at anything!

  3. Concerned Lovett Mom

    February 15, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Occams Razor->
    Of course the School will deny the existence of this “Prelim” list, but why in the world would someone fabricate all the details in this document? Who would know all the people listed, if not another insider? What do the abbreviations mean? Would a “forger” bother to include such odd details as codes & * markings?

  4. Anita Fussell

    February 15, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    This crap has got to stop! When you pay out of your pocket for your children to attend a private school, rather than a governmant sponsored indoctrination center, aka public school, you have the right to be pizzed off, and question what your dollars are paying for. “Influencers”? Sounds like left leaning doublespeak. Yank your kids out & home or community school them till the current culprits are gone. Nothing says as much or as loudly as taking money away from those that have an agenda other than teaching.

  5. edward

    February 16, 2022 at 12:43 am

    Once again, public “employees” are the ones being insubordinate.

  6. Stephane

    February 16, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    The DEMON RATS will deny everything!
    LUCIFER is god in the DEMON RAT world!

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Documentary ‘What Is A Woman?’ exposes America’s true history of child exploitation



What Is A Woman Film Logo

In the world of sexology, two figures, John Money and Alfred Kinsey, have left a lasting and devastating impact with their research. Their controversial methods and ideologies have brought about heated debates and raised concerns about the protection of children from early sexualization.

Matt Walsh’s documentary What Is A Woman brings to the forefront the horrendous exploitation of children in the United States of America. In the film Walsh unveils the horrific history behind the idea and separation of gender and sex. Walsh asked, Miriam Grossman M.D. an adolescent/adult psychiatrist, “why don’t we know more about John Money and Alfred Kinsey?” She responded saying, “evidently there are forces that don’t want this information out.”

One of the most contentious chapters in John Money’s career revolves around the infamous, Reimer case. Money suggested that a boy named David Reimer, who suffered a tragic circumcision accident, should be raised as a girl. Money was successful in convincing Reimer’s parents to raise him as a girl. Money’s research on the twins included forcing the two to commit sexual acts on each other all while they were still children.

The case, initially thought a success, later revealed the devastating effects of imposing gender identity through reassignment surgery. David was unable to align with his assigned gender, ultimately transitioned back to living as a male. This case shed light on the potential ethical risks and irreversible consequences of such interventions on children’s lives. Later in life Brian Reimer, David’s brother, died of an overdose from anti-depressants. Just two years later David Tragically died of suicide.

Alfred Kinsey’s comprehensive studies on human sexual behavior, documented in the Kinsey Reports, challenged societal norms and opened up discussions on previously taboo subjects. Kinsey’s sampling methods lacked representativeness and raised ethical concerns. Kinsey’s studies were based on voluntary participation, which included incarcerated sex offenders. In Kinsey’s book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” their is an infamous chart that any human with a moral compass would be disgusted by. The chart was labeled Table 34 and in detail described the age of the subjects, the amount of orgasms the subject received and the duration each horrific sexual act occurred. It gets worse, the subject’s of this table were anywhere between the ages of five months old and 15 years old. These studies were recorded by Kinsey when he interviewed sexual predators in prison who had been incarcerated for conducting the horrendous acts on children.

Kinsey had a thirst to prove that children were sexual from infancy until old age. The controversies surrounding Money and Kinsey highlight the need for ethical guidelines in research, particularly when involving vulnerable populations such as children.

As we navigate the complexity of sexuality and safeguarding our children, striking a balance between education and protection is vital. By putting parents first and prioritizing comprehensive sexual education and adhering to rigorous ethical standards, we need to work towards a future where our children are protected from premature sexualization while gaining the knowledge they need for healthy, informed lives.

Follow Alexander Carter on Twitter @AlexCarterDC for more!

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