Frontier Airlines accused of antisemitism after removing a Jewish family reportedly due to maskless baby


Outrage erupted on a Frontier Airlines flight Sunday after an Orthodox Jewish family was removed from the flight over allegations that their 18-month-old child was not wearing a face mask, the family and eyewitnesses said.

Video footage captured by another passenger shows the family being removed from Frontier flight F9-2878 after explaining that the child was under two years of age.

Frontier Airlines has since been accused of antisemitism.

“You’re going to pay the consequences,” the passenger recording the video is heard saying to the Frontier workers. “This going all over the news, you’re all going to suffer the consequences.”

“This is Nazi Germany,” another passenger yells.

The flight, which was preparing for departure from Miami to LaGuardia, was later canceled and passengers were asked to deplane and the flight was rescheduled for the next morning.

Frontier Airlines has denied the allegations claiming that “members of a large group, including adults, refused to wear masks” and that “the issue did not stem from a child under 2.”

According to Frontier’s website, face coverings are not required for children under the age of two.

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