On this day, Americans mourn the 9/11 attacks and are reminded that freedom is both precious and fleeting. The fight to protect this liberty is not only happening on our soil, but is happening on the streets of Hong Kong and Jerusalem.

Protestors are standing up to communist China for its human rights violations and fighting for Democracy. In a move of solidarity, the protestors in Hong Kong have decided to halt protests on 9/11. A prominent voice for the movement Andy Chan tweeted Wednesday, “#HongKongProtestor stop protesting today to remember 911.”

Similarly, Israel held a “Tribute to light.” ┬áThe event is to memorialize 911 in Jerusalem, where a monument “made from a piece of metal from the Twin Towers” adorned with “the names of every victim” has been erected. Israel’s strong relationship with the U.S. continues to be an integral part of both countries’ national security in the post-9/11 world. The two countries share intelligence, military tactics to ensure the same goals.

Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day to radical Islamic terrorists who hijacked planes and drove them into the World Trade Center, into a field in Shanksville, PA and the Pentagon. To this day, we are losing both our soldiers to an endless war fighting radical Islamic terrorism and the first responders who jumped to that call to action on 9/11. President Trump spoke at the Pentagon Wednesday morning where he shared, “The First Lady and I are united with you in grief… We cannot erase the pain or reverse the evil of that dark and wretched day, but we offer you all that we have.”