Four Members Of A New Jersey Family Die Of Coronavirus. More Family Members Battling Illness.

A mother and three of her children died of the coronavirus after having tested positive for the disease. The virus has ravaged the New Jersey Italian-American family, said a surviving family member that spoke to CNN.

Elizabeth Fusco, the youngest of 11 children lost her mother, two brothers and a sister, she said during an interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo. Her mother was 73 years old and had passed after losing two of her children. CNN stated that three other relatives are hospitalized in New Jersey and 19 other family members have been tested for the virus. They are awaiting their results. Those tested include children, parents and grandchildren. They are all being quarantined together, the news agency stated.

As of Saturday afternoon there are 24,786 reported cases of Coronavirus in the United States and 290 deaths, according to, which is collecting global statistics on the cases.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said, “there are others who are in the ICU from the family, 20 are quarantined. They were all waiting on test results, and we couldn’t understand why. We called the New Jersey governor’s office. He and his office responded quickly and got a bunch of test results to the hospital and the family.”

“This was supposed to be a good update, but it turns out that Elizabeth, the person you just met, was one of the people waiting on a test and she tested positive. And she says her daughter has too – and her daughter’s compromised,” Cuomo said.

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