Fmr US Envoy in North Korea Confirms Warmbier’s $2 Million Medical Bill

John Bolton, the national security adviser to President Trump, confirmed in an interview with Fox News, that the U.S. had agreed to pay North Korea $2 million dollars for the release of the detained college student Otto Warmbier.

Joseph Yun, the former US special representative for North Korean policy who negotiated and signed that assurance note to obtain the release of Warmbier, confirmed to CNN what Bolton told Fox News a day before was true.

“As soon as the North Korean’s demanded that Warmbier’s medical bill would have to paid, I contacted my boss, then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to ask him, and he got back to me very quickly thereafter and said – Yes go ahead and sign,” clarified Joseph Yun.

When asked if it was his understanding that Secretary Tillerson had President Trump’s approval, Yun responded that it was his understanding that President Trump did agree, eventhough he never asked that to Tillerson.