Fmr. Mexican President: Trump’s America First Policy ‘Is Isolating The US’

In 2016, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox called President Trump an “illegitimate President” days after he won the election and has continued a war of words against the American leader. Now, he’s taking issue with President Trump’s “America First” agenda. In an interview with CNBC that aired Wednesday, Fox claimed President Trump’s “America First” economic policy is “isolating” the U.S. “into four walls.”

“I’m on the side of free trading, I’m on the side of market economies,” Fox said, “He’s building walls, he’s isolating the U.S. from the global game of the economy, and this will refrain the growth of economies everywhere in the world.”

Free and fair trade with Mexico is a top priority for the Trump Administration, however. According to 2018 U.S. trade data, the U.S. had an $81.5 billion goods deficit with Mexico, while Mexico had a $128.5 billion surplus. In an effort to close that gap, President Trump signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement last year.

The deal rests in the hands of Congressional lawmakers, who President Trump accuses of being too distracted by an ongoing impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.”I don’t think they can cause its Nancy Pelosi,” President Trump told reporters Tuesday, “They are too busy working on impeachment”




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