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Fmr. DHS official compares Trump to a terrorist leader




MediasTouch, a progressive media company, released a recent podcast episode with Harvard professor and former Homeland security official Juliette Kayyem, where she labeled President Trump as a terrorist organization leader.

“What the president does…he targets people for political gain. That’s what this was about, it’s for him to remain in power,” Kayyem said referring to last week’s U.S. Capitol riot.

Kayyem went on to describe President Trump as the leader of a terrorist organization and how we must “get the guys at the top” by using “leadership decapitation.”

In an article written by Kayyem published Tuesday in The Atlantic, she described how “leadership decapitation” works.

“Successful efforts to fight terrorism begin at the top. An ideology may survive and linger, but to curtail a terror threat requires what counterterrorism experts call ‘leadership decapitation.’ Society is more likely to heal when an extremist group’s ideological leader is isolated and damaged in the eyes of his supporters,” Kayyem writes.

“Now we have to think about all the ways we get a terrorist. De-platform them, that’s what we did we ISIS. Isolate the leadership,” Kayyem said. “You shame them, you prosecute, you impeach.”

Kayyem continued by saying the only way to regain peace in this country is by “total isolation of Donald Trump.”

“It’s actually better if Trump supporters know that he’s permanently damaged,” Kayyem said. “That’s the way terrorists work. Recruits want a winner.”

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Trump, Rep Biggs: invoking the Alien Enemies Act to enable widespread deportation will ‘be necessary’



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At a recent rally in Iowa, former President Donald Trump promised that if elected again in 2024, he would invoke the Alien Enemies Act to enable widespread deportation of migrants who have illegally entered the United States. Since President Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, over 6 million people have illegally entered the country.

Republican Representative Andy Biggs from border state Arizona, which is among the states suffering the greatest consequences from the Biden administration policies, lamented that Trump’s suggestion will be “necessary.”

Speaking on the Just the News, No Noise” television show, Biggs stated “[I]t’s actually gonna have to be necessary.” Biggs then added his thoughts on how many more people will continue to cross the border under Biden: “Because by the time Trump gets back in office, you will have had over 10 million, in my opinion, over 10 million illegal aliens cross our border and come into the country, under the Biden regime.”

“And so when you start deporting people, and removing them from this country, what that does is that disincentivizes the tens of thousands of people who are coming,” Biggs went on. “And by the way, everyday down in Darién Gap, which is in Panama… over 5,000 people a day. [I] talk[ed] to one of my sources from the gap today. And I will just tell you, those people that you’ve seen come come in to Eagle Pass, over 7,000 in a three day period, most of those two weeks ago, were down crossing into the Darién Gap.”

“And those people… make their way up and they end up in the Eagle Pass [Texas], Del Rio area,” he continued. “So if you want to disincentivize them, you remove them from the country, which is why they remain in Mexico policy was so doggone effective at slowing down illegal border crossings.”

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