Flynn: All Americans need to ‘step up’ and ‘get to the bottom of election malpractices’

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former United States National Security Advisor, spoke about the 2020 election results in his first interview since Tuesday’s election.

Flynn cautioned listeners in the exclusive interview with Newsmax to stay patient regarding the election results.

“Everyone around the country needs to take a deep breath,” he said.

Flynn emphasized that the election is still too close to call.

‘The election remains too close to call, and Americans – even Democrats – should want to get to the bottom of election malpractices,” Flynn said.

According to the media, Joe Biden has won the election, but there is still much evidence to be proven that the election was won under false pretenses.

“Pressure by the media to call this election is totally irresponsible,” said Flynn.

“The easier path for the current administration would be to just give in. We cannot give in based on what we have seen already, and the evidence that already has been brought to light, particularly this mess up in Michigan and with this Dominion software that’s just outrageous.”

Flynn is referring to the ballot-counting machines run by Dominion Voting Systems software, which is under scrutiny for accusations that the system mistakenly counted thousands of votes for President Trump as votes for Biden in potentially as many as 30 states.

“This is bigger than the presidency, this is bigger than Donald Trump. This is bigger than Vice President Biden. This is much bigger. This is the presidency of the United States of America. It’s the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s a process we’ve had for almost 250 years.”

Flynn then urged the American people to step up and help.

“Step up America and step up in a big way especially if you have an ability to help at your the local level or at your state level or certainly the national level.” Flynn added, “The problem will only be fixed by an awake America.”