Fighting For ‘Unity,’ ‘Small Government’: Burgess Owens Declares GOP Primary Win

Former NFL Superbowl star Burgess Owens claimed his victory Wednesday for the Republican ticket in Utah’s fourth district congressional race. Owens claimed over 43 percent of the Party’s votes, with 67 percent of the precincts reporting.

“I am so grateful for the tireless support of so many volunteers,” Owens told

“Im so grateful for the tireless support of so many volunteers,” he told Wednesday. “I am excited to continue sharing our message of unity with the district. We’ve seen our message of small government resonating with people across the political spectrum and I’m excited to keep knocking doors, making phone calls and meeting every voter I can!”

In June, Owens told “The Sara Carter Show” podcast that the Democratic party is “frantic” over the increasing number of black Americans that are leaving the party to back President Donald Trump and Republicans. Owens, a former Oakland Raiders Super Bowl star, said that leftists are attempting to erase America’s history and fundamentally change the ideological direction of the country.

He said during the podcast interview that the majority of rioting and protesting after George Floyd’s death is “is not organic.”

“Black people right now are not going in and burning down their own black businesses it’s Antifa,” he said. “And that’s why I love the fact that we now have got a president who’s going to call out for it. We have domestic terrorists. People are trying to take down our country we have because of this Marxist ideology. These governors and mayors could care less and represent could care less about the pain it brings as long as they get their power back. So yeah this is a power play and the great thing about this is this we can now talk across the board among about Americans about we the people do we want to work to vote for those who are against us doing these bad times or those who give us hope.”

Owens now faces a battle against Democrat incumbent Rep. Ben McAdams, who won uncontested.