A former FBI informant who spent more than six years undercover gathering information on the Russian energy and uranium market was recently interviewed by FBI agents from the Little Rock, Arkansas field office as part of an ongoing bureau investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the informant.

Toensing disclosed the information in a letter asking for a retraction to The Hill’s article published Thursday, which was based solely on a Democrat memorandum attacking the credibility of William Douglas Campbell, the former informant. Democrats stated that Campbell provided no evidence to the congressional committees of “quid pro quo” regarding the Clinton Foundation and the Russians.

Toensing was never contacted prior to publication by The Hill for fair comment in the story. The Hill’s article has now been followed up in The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, CNN, Reuters, Yahoo,  and other numerous outlets, none of which contacted Toensing for fair comment.  On Friday, The Hill updated the story, only after receiving a call from Toensing asking for a retraction.

In a formal letter, Toensing condemned the Democratic memo and The Hill for making false allegations against her client and not contacting her for comment. The Hill did not retract the story but updated it instead.

“The reporter told me they were leaving in the accusations because she said, that’s what the Democrats told her,” said Toensing. “This is a new journalistic standard.”

A spokesperson for The Hill defended the news organization’s work, stating it has written extensively on the issue of the Uranium One sale and Campbell.

“The Hill has reported more extensively on Uranium One than any other publication brought this issue to the attention of the public, reporting accurately what members on both sides of the aisle have said about the issue,” The Hill spokesperson said in an email.

Friday’s edition of the story was updated to include Toensing’s statements from the letter she sent asking for a retraction of the story. The Hill also included a statement from a spokesperson for the Republican chairman of the House Oversight committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., on Friday.

“We did in fact ask multiple Republican lawmakers for comment and they declined to make any statement,” The Hill spokesperson said.

However, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who were both actively involved in calling for an investigation into the Uranium One matter never received a call, they said.

“The information Campbell posseses and his previous knowledge of Russian operations to enter the U.S. energy market was significant enough to the bureau that they interviewed him in December…”

Victoria Toensing

Toensing said the information Campbell delivered to the FBI and his previous knowledge of Russian operations to enter the U.S. energy market was significant enough to the bureau that they interviewed him in December regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation.

“FBI agents from Little Rock, Arkansas interviewed Mr. Campbell about the Clinton Foundation,” she revealed. “Would they have done so if he had “serious credibility concerns?”

The article was written by The Hill staffer Katie Bo Williams. It was based on the Democratic memorandum of the briefing Campbell gave to both Republican and Democratic staffers from three Congressional Committees in February. Campbell provided the congressional staff members with years of in-depth and valuable information on the Russian nuclear energy industry and relayed thousands of briefs he put together for the FBI on his conversations with the Russians.

The Democratic memorandum “falsely accuses Mr. Campbell of criminal conduct, alleging that he had taken “kickbacks from [the Russian] firm before he was authorized to do so,” Toensing stated.

Hillary Clinton

“Mr. Campbell never took one kickback, not a one,” she added. “He paid for the kickbacks, under FBI direction, out of the salary he received.  In fact, these payments, totaling about $500,000, were the bases for his requesting repayment from the government.”

According to the Democratic staff members Campbell was unable to point to anything to support his claims that the review process had been improperly influenced “other than the fact that the [Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)] allowed the deal to go through.”

“When asked whether he had any evidence that Russian influence on the Clintons affected CFIUS’s review of the Uranium One deal, Mr. Campbell stated that ‘that was outside my pay grade’ and that the topic was ‘not my bailiwick,’ ” according to the Democrats.

During the February meeting with staffers, however, Campbell provided a written statement and answered in-depth questions about his time working for the Russians. He informed the staffers that the information he collected was in possession of the FBI, which is conducting its own investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Toensing told this reporter that none of the staff members at the meeting had called her for more documentation or information. She noted that she had also told the congressional staff to request from the FBI any information Campbell provided the bureau.

“I am appalled that The Hill would publish a defamatory story about my client without ever contacting him or his lawyer, ” said Toensing.  “The article was based solely on Democratic sources and a Democratic memo.  Republicans’ comments were cited only in stale, months-old statements indicating there was evidence of a Clinton connection to the Russian purchase of Uranium One. As such, they were included to establish a context that such evidence was not provided by my client.  That is false.  The publication of this false and misleading story was done purposefully to malign and discredit him.  I demand a retraction.”

It wasn’t until 2015, that the information Campbell provided would assist the FBI in bringing in convictions. Daren Condrey, who was president of the American company Transportation Logistics International pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and conspiring to commit wire fraud, according to the DOJ. Russian national Vadim Mikerin, who Campbell worked closely with and who was a top official of the Russian nuclear arms subsidiary Tenex, was also sentenced for money laundering in December 2015. At the time, Mikerin, who was sentenced to 48 months in prison, had been promoted by the Russian nuclear arm to the president of Tenam, the American subsidiary based in Maryland. Boris Rubizhevsky, another Russian national from New Jersey, who was president of the security firm NEXGEN Security, was also involved in the conspiracy and plead guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering in 2015. He served as a consultant to Tenam and to Mikerin.

The memorandum also falsely claimed that her client’s credibility was at issue with the Justice Department because “he was not called as a witness for the corruption cases” against Mikerin and the other defendants. A Justice Department official told this reporter in January that reports that Campbell was not a credible witness “did not reflect” the thinking of DOJ officials.

“First, there was no trial because the Baltimore U.S. Attorneys’ office mishandled the case,” Toensing noted.  “They filed a Complaint without ever talking with Mr. Campbell.  After interviewing him, they filed an Indictment describing him as a “victim,” a term he had never used and one that is legally inept to a person working undercover. All the defendants pleaded guilty.”

She noted that lawyers with “experience in prosecution and national security, a background not applicable to anyone the reporter interviewed, knows that a person who has worked undercover for three decades for both the CIA and the FBI should never be put on the witness stand because all his past undercover work would have to be provided to defense counsel.”

Despite the insurmountable evidence collected by Campbell prior to 2010 for the FBI, the Obama administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom’s purchase of the Canadian firm Uranium One in the fall of that year. Then Uranium One controlled 20 percent uranium mining rights in the United States. The process needed CFIUS approval because uranium is considered a national security asset but the approval by the Obama administration gave Moscow extensive rights to buy and sell more atomic fuels.

In a statement Campbell provided Congress and obtained by this reporter he said, “I was speechless and angry in October 2010 when CFIUS approved the Uranium One sale to Rosatom.” CFIUS has the power to stop deals that could threaten U.S. national security.

Anfield's Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill sits in the middle of the Utah desert on October 27, 2017 outside Ticaboo, Utah.

Anfield’s Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill sits in the middle of the Utah desert on October 27, 2017, outside Ticaboo, Utah.

At the time, Campbell said he “was deeply worried” that an American company Transportation Logistics International, which was involved in bribery, kickbacks and money laundering with the Russians, was continuing to transport sensitive uranium despite the fact that it had been compromised. Campbell was hired by the Russian firm …   who had hired him to assist in getting the Uranium One deal passed, stated he was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm” in an effort to influence the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, as reported by The Hill and according to his testimony.

“I expressed these concerns repeatedly to my FBI handlers,” Campbell told lawmakers. “I remember one response I got from an agent when I asked how it was possible CFIUS would approve the Uranium One sale when the FBI could prove Rosatom was engaged in criminal conduct. His answer: “Ask your politics.”

In early 2016, the FBI agents who worked with Campbell took him to a restaurant in Chrystal City, Virginia where they gave him a check for over $50,000 after all the Russian nuclear energy corruption cases were completed.

“Would the government so reward a person about whom it had “serious credibility concerns,” Toensing stated in her letter to The Hill.

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  1. You know you are getting close to hitting a nerve when they work this hard to discredit you. There was so much money flow around this Uranium One deal, several hundreds of millions of dollars, that I am sure a whole lot of people just want this story to go away.

  2. You do realize that it is the DEMOCRAT party and not the Democratic party, right? Because throughout your entire article you call it the Democratic party when there is no such thing. They WANT you to do that so that people, who erroneously believe the United States is a Democracy will automatically see the Democrat “ic” party as the only party of choice in a democracy. It’s a little mind game they play with low information voters. Please don’t help them. Maybe if the Republicans would drop the “an” at the end of their name and push the fact that we are a Republic, they could achieve the same success with low info voters that the Democrats do.

  3. If anyone has doubt of the duplicity of much of the media with the illegal actions of the last administration, they need look no further. Those involved are just as guilty of sedition as those that performed the crimes. Their efforts of character assassination are deplorable.

  4. And the left looney bend of people buy off on anything the Dems say, just like ole shifty was trying to do on the Russia story, all is beginning to come forth. They have to make up stuff to keep the light from shining on all of them

  5. Just a curious question? Why would the FBI office in Little Rock be looking into this? The Clinton Foundation is registered in NY. It has no connection to Arkansas. A question I would like answered by Ms. Toensing, how did Mr. Campbell become your client? Was he referred to you, and if so, by whom? Ms. Carter, you seem to spend an awful lot of time on Sean Hannity’s radio show, as does Ms. Toensing. Who, by the way, seems to always insert herself into any conspiracy theory that arises involving the Clinton’s.

  6. 34 legal assistants, military, UN, police, accountant investigator witnesses against the Clinton mafia have been “mysteriously suicided & accidented” just DAYS prior to testifying before courts & Congress since 1979
    Re: Joseph Rago, WSJ NY office reporter on Clinton Fdn funding;
    “Jumped” off a NY high-rise Just prior to publishing his final chapter 4/2015

  7. No, it absolutely is not.

    “Democrat” is a political party.

    “Democratic” is a political process.

    It was a “brainwashing” strategy, as outlined by Patricia, and which you have fallen for.

  8. Tink, do you hear of or see any of the other alphabet news outlets talking about this? No because they are all in the Progressive Kool Aid tank.

  9. Opposing the Clintons will drive you so crazy that you have an irresistible urge to kill yourself?

  10. Other way around, genius, the right wing spin doctors started calling it the “Democrat” party during Obama’s first run. It was always the Democratic Party before that.

  11. This younger generation gives the same “lame” responses as many of my fellow “baby boomers”. The United States is NOT a democracy- it is a Constitutional Republic. The Government structure is the same as Thailand (we had a beautiful Red, White, and Blue flag- Red for Courage, White for God or Religion, and Blue for the People of Thailand).

  12. Where do you think the Clintons lived when they were just “poor white trash”? FBI is probably looking into old murders of Clinton cartel before it moved into White House.

  13. So was John Solomon of The Hill aware of this hit piece by his colleague Katie Bo Williams? This contradicts all of his work. I read several of the “Dems are dancing in the street over Uranium One Nothing Burger” articles and I know at least in one it stated that Victoria Toensing didn’t return calls or couldn’t be reached for comment – some such thing and ditto for the top republicans, making it sound like they had no reply to the democrat memo. The hit piece also stressed that Hillary Clinton was not on the CFIUS board at the time and a lower level official voted on it. Also stressed was that while geographically the deal represented 20% of US uranium geographically, that it actually only accounted for 3% of our mined uranium.

    Anyhow Campbell’s response of ” above my pay grade” is pathetic…..I know he’s supposedly dying of cancer but if he wants to tell his story why hold back? Either HIllary and the Clinton Mob got paid to push the deal through or they didn’t. If anyone has evidence it’s Campbell, so out with it man!

  14. Have you heard of coincidences? It’s called the Hillary effect. Anytime anyone is about the spill the beans on her wicked ways..they die.

  15. What is your point about Sara Carter? She has done real investigative journalism on the subject, hence she’s on Hannity’s show. Ms. Toensing represents a key player if not the key player in the Uranium One scandal (not conspiracy.) Please list the conspiracies you are referring to.

  16. “Would the government so reward a person about whom it had “serious credibility concerns,” Toensing stated in her letter to The Hill.

    She has a good point! Remember: The FBI was going to pay Christopher Steele to “continue investigating Trump,” but they did not pay Steele after learning that he had spoken to the press about the dossier, which violated the “agreement” Steele had with the FBI. In other words, Steele lost “credibility” in the eyes of the FBI, so the FBI did not pay Christopher Steele, and broke-off their relationship with him!!!

  17. He already testified to congress, but his testimony is classified. National Security can hide even pedophilia from ever getting to see the light of day. Bribery and selling Russia our Mining rights to the Russians is legal if you corrupt the FBI and State Department. Uranium One only has 20% of US Uranium capacity, so no biggie.

    The real value of the Company is the mining rights. Like the Bundy families grazing rights. Just happen to be a brand new U1 asset through the public servant malfeasance of National Security Assets. Then the millions in precious metal mines in Haiti are 100% own by UI. No other company has killed enough locals to secure rights, let alone 100% of any mining in Haiti.

    Not just any successful murder can do business in that rat hole. You need to have killer instincts that can efficiently traffic in child sex slaves and kill all the ugly children for organ harvesting.

  18. The U1 scandal is factual, the paperwork exists showing HRC approved the deal (while blocking the pipeline deal) and the financial transactions. It is also a fact that the Russian bribery investigation in the FBI stopped suddenly just around the time the deal was made, while Mueller was FBI director.

  19. The SoS is a CFIUS member, just as Hillary was for the U1 deal and the pipeline she blocked. She blocked one (of course the one that helped the USA) and approved the other (the one that hurt the USA).

  20. There’s a reason the DNC National committee didn’t let the FBI look at there server when it was compromised.. Now they’ve had all this time to track down everyone who had any of these e-mails deleted from everyone that either received are sent to the DNC. They took a page put of the Clinton way of deleting all incriminating e-mails at the source. Terrible shame . lets see how they find them now…

  21. Hey Sara and wingnuts, why do you think there was no Republican leaks or response to this witness/informant’s testimony that was supposedly going to blow the Uranium One scandal wide open and send Clinton and maybe even Obama to prison and get Mueller fired?
    The same Toensing witness that the Trump/Sessions DOJ called “not credible?”
    The same “witness/informant” that Sara Carter, John Solomon, and Hannity kept bloviating about for so long?
    Oh well, another one of your wingnut fake non-scandals goes spinning down the toilet after a couple of flushes to where it belongs, in the sewer.
    But don’t worry, you wingnuts can press on with Unmaskingate, FISAgate, Secret Societygate, Pizzagate, Obama Bugged Trump Towergate, and the Seth Richards assassination.
    While continuing to deliberately ignore all the Trump scandals right in front of you.
    As history continues to show, if Sara Carter, John Solomon, Hannity, Vicky Toensing, Greasy Joe Digenovo, Fox News, or any Republican politician are pushing a wacky theory about Democrats, in the end it’s going to turn out to be false.

  22. Sara Carter, John Solomon, Hannity, Toensing, Jordan, Gowdy, King, and the rest of the usual Trump deflectors/defenders thought they could make Campbell into another Jim McDougal/David Hale of Watergate fame and get another special prosecutor appointed to gum up the works and hopefully cover for Trump.
    So glad to see it didn’t work out this time.
    And now Mueller and the FBI can press on and finish up their investigation and prosecution of the collusion and treason by the Trumpsters.

  23. From the Hill, 03/082018 on the interview of Toensing, Carter, Solomon, and Hannity’s favorite Uranium One witness:

    “The Democratic memo — which they said they released after Republicans refused to have a transcript made during the interview — paints Campbell as an unreliable witness who relied heavily on his own notes to help combat what he confessed to be a “hazy” memory of some of the events he was being asked to recall.
    It confirms previous reporting that the Justice Department initially planned to build their case against Mikerin based on evidence provided by Campbell, but changed their mind after they began to have “serious credibility concerns” based on “inconsistencies” between his testimony and documents they obtained during the investigation.
    Justice Department officials also told congressional investigators that there was a “high chance” Campbell had taken payments from Mikerin’s firm before he was authorized to do so by the government — and that he had concealed that fact from federal investigators.
    All of that led Justice to assess that Campbell was not a credible witness and they “did not want to rely on him at trial,” the Democrats said.”

    So one of the questions that jumps out at me is, besides why did anyone believe this clown in the first place, other than to muddy up the Trump treason investigation, is why did the Republicans refuse to have transcripts made during this much hyped interview that was supposed to nail Clinton, Obama, and then Mueller with a bank shot?
    So they could selectively leak their phony version of it, just like they did with all the Benghazigate and the Glen Simpson/Fusion GPS interviews?
    Any of you Russian trolls?

  24. So they could selectively leak their phony version of it like they did with Simpson of GPS. That was Diane Feinstein and last i checked she’s left of Bernie Sanders. I know that being a Democrat means you have no respect for rule of law or classified material. That doesn’t mean all share your view. Why did anyone believe this clown in the first place? He worked undercover for 30 years. Duh. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it. The CIA handed him off to the FBI when things started happening inside the US. Why don’t you take your socialist loving, Obama sycophant self over to Salon or HuffPo where folks will cheer your incredible stupidity and willful ignorance of fact. Only a complete idiot would dream of putting an undercover operative with a history like Campbell has on a witness stand. He must have something really important to say about the whole thing. The $145 million to the Clinton Foundation from players in the Uranium One scandal is damning enough on its own.

  25. “Genius”, who are the members of the “Democratic” party? “Democratics”? Oh, that’s right, they’re Democrats.

    Wikipedia records an instance of the name “Democrat Party” in use as early as 1889. Its use became common around the early 1950s. I know, you aren’t aware of earlier history.

  26. I do. It’s a very important point of clarification. Misinformation and diversion is a consistent and effective tool of the Democrat party.

  27. Yes he did in 2010 as captured in one the WikiLeaks emails where he accepted the task by Hillary herself to make a ‘secret’ trip to Moscow and hand deliver a highly enriched sample of uranium.
    This email is still published by WikiLeaks in their Podesta archive and available to anyone interested to read for themselves.

  28. @Patricia A Guenther: Low information voters? That’s one of them many claims made by the democrats. What is a low information voter? There is no such a thing and it’s meant to insult and belittle any opposing view not in agreement with the left and their party.

    Let’s not distract what the subject of this article is because it almost appears that you overlook the issue and subject what this is all about.

    Tomato or tomatoe is not it so please stick with the subject!

  29. What a chatterbox of liberal resentment. Nope, fruit loop this story isn’t going anywhere unless the Russian’s get desperate and attack Toensing’s client. However, they will probably blame that on Carter Page also. “The British are Coming”

  30. Agree the party who allows Super Delegates to pick Obama over Hillary & Hillary over Bernie m. DemocRats votes didn’t even count in primary.

  31. No. It is the “Democrat” party. Just as DNC is now a reference to the Democrat National “Committee.” DNC used to be a reference to the “Democrats National Convention.” Now the C stands for Committee…

    This first began under the nutcase Doc from Vermont. Wasserman-Schultz and Ellison/ continue with the use of committee as all are communists. … Why the change to Committee? Because the Democrats are in fact Communists. Only Cpmmunists refer to themselves as Committee. See China, Russia etc… Republicans are no better. They have brought about a NWO and a Soviet America.

  32. The FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation graft in Arkansas was shut down by that virtuous creature Loretta Lynch. This is one of the investigations Sessions rebooted and has going “outside of D.C. far away from the Obama slime that infiltrated DoJ, State and the FBI for 8 yrs.” or something to that effect. The treasonous gag order on this guy exposes the lie that he is unreliabile. He is the bridge to the whole DNC/Clinton foundation crimes that involve more serious crimes than anyone can comprehend. The gamble of Obama scum spread like a cancer thru Justice, State and the FBI was the hedge to protect the guilty and perpetrate the attacks on President Trump. Nazicrat deniers just can’t believe the truth in what Sara is uncovering because the DNC run MSM are in the traitorous tank with these criminals and in full protection mode. The modus operandi is to delay and stall this lawless exposure past 11/18 mid-terms to co-ordinate the flipping of the House to expediated impeachment screeching daily. Very smart, if POTUS cabinet won’t expose this then we know they are in cahoots with the RINO/Never Trump coup.

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