Rep. Matt Gaetz, Sara Carter and John Solomon provide insight on ‘Hannity’ after an FBI informant makes a statement to Congress about the Clintons



  1. Sara, you are the best and honest reporter. Thank you. We love seeing and listening to you. Keep
    going after the snakes.

  2. hi sara, great job. can you tell the american public how many ” crumbs ” palosi and all the other rich dims gained from the ” armagedon ” tax cut ??????

  3. Sara-you are smart, you are brave, you are a true patriot and gifted investigative reporter.
    Thank you.

  4. Keep on Mueller the murderer pre-meditated in fact should be in jail forever yet it seems withholding exculpatory evidence fits nicely within the concepts of fidelity bravery and of course integrity.

  5. Sara, you are so smart and honest. I love hearing what you have to say. I trust you and you pull no punches. Go Sara!

  6. Sara the first time I ever heard you and then after I first saw you, specially when I first saw you I said I KNEW IT! I knew she was Cuban it’s that fire in our blood. Great job Sara.

  7. Sara.You are my favorite source .Great work and integrity based on facts. For many months I have tried to get some info to some body with ability to act . I was a practicing physician for nearly 50 years. The last 10 I was an investigator of various types of medical fraud, including malpractice. Early in my career i sensed and later documented big problems with brain altering medication , the “psych” drugs, and others not in that class which can still alter normal cognition, rational behavior and emotion. I wrote a chapter about it in a book called LYING WITH AUTHORITY. (Not trying to sell it now.). In my investigations I discovered that “psych” drugs are terribly over prescribed and cause much abnormal behavior actually due to brain damage, often irreversible. These pathologies lead to violent and bizarre behavior,even murder. Much more detail from my cases but not enough space to detail it. I caused some doctors to “retire” and more. Much bizarre killing involved. If interested in more please contact me. Dan

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