FBI, FAA, Air Force Investigating Drone Sightings In Three States

Three government organizations are looking into recent drone sightings across a tri-state area, according to a report Tuesday from CBS News.

The FBI, FAA and U.S. Air Force are investigating activity over the air in portions of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska.

Moreover, Michelle Eckert told CBS that she has seen drones (sometimes a dozen or more) with sizable wingspans soar over her northern Colorado home.

“The sky is lit up with Christmas lights basically,” Eckert told CBS News. “There’s lights and things flying all over. It reminded me of something from a movie.”

According to the same CBS story, sheriff’s departments across that tri-state area have received at least 30 reports since mid-December.

“I think whomever is responsible for it will probably have some answering to do to the general public,” Sheriff Steve Reams of Weld County, Colorado told CBS.

The report also states dozens of agencies met Monday to establish a task force with the three organizations leading the investigation.┬áThe task force is searching for what it calls a ‘command vehicle.’

The U.S. military and local companies have denied responsibility for this drone activity.

9News and Fox6 have also reported on these sightings.