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FAA: Contractor ‘unintentionally’ removed files resulting in system outage, grounding of flights



airlines local flights in US shut down

The Federal Aviation Administration released a statement explaining the system outage that occurred last week resulting in the suspension of thousands of flights. One of the FAA’s contractors, an unnamed company, unintentionally removed files in the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which sends real-time information about potential hazards to pilots on their routes, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Last week the FAA’s initial assessment was that “a data file was damaged by personal who failed to follow procedures.” The FAA told the Journal this week “the agency has so far found no evidence of a cyberattack or malicious intent.”

The FAA has also declared it has fixed deficiencies in the system and adapted it to make it capable of withstanding such errors in the future. Immediately fingers were pointed and conclusions were drawn as to where the blame should lie.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian suggested the FAA is not to blame, and called upon our politicians to ‘do better’. “I lay this on the fact that we are not giving them the resources, the funding, the staffing, the tools, the technology they need,” said Bastian. “Hopefully this will be the call to our political leaders in Washington that we need to do better.”

National Review writes some critics believe the outage is evidence of
government ineptitude, urging the privatization of air-traffic control.” According to FlightAware, over 2,500 flights within and out of the United States were delayed. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was largely absent, saying not more than that the FAA was working to resolve the problem as soon as possible so that air traffic could resume normal operations.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president directed the Department of Transportation “to conduct a full investigation into the causes” of the failure.



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AOC and Elon Musk Spar on Twitter Over Intelligence and Achievements




In a heated exchange on Twitter, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk clashed over intelligence and accomplishments, sparking a social media debate that drew in prominent conservative figures.

The confrontation began when AOC took a swipe at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, referencing a social media meme about “girl math” that humorously critiques financial reasoning. Ocasio-Cortez used the meme to criticize McCarthy’s political decisions and actions, igniting a political conversation.

Conservative influencer Ashley St. Clair quickly joined the discussion, sharing a video clip of Ocasio-Cortez discussing immigration at Ellis Island during the early 20th century. St. Clair challenged Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison of historical immigration to the current migrant crisis, leading to a broader debate.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, took the opportunity to weigh in with a comment that escalated the dispute. Musk simply stated, “She’s just not that smart.” This remark triggered a robust response from Ocasio-Cortez, who listed her accomplishments as a rebuttal to Musk’s criticism.

Ocasio-Cortez pointed out that she wasn’t born into wealth and highlighted her historic election to Congress as the youngest woman in American history to achieve such a feat. She also emphasized her involvement in investigations, such as those related to Michael Cohen, as well as her role in authoring the largest FEMA funeral assistance program in history. Furthermore, she touted her leadership in the creation of a U.S. Climate Corps, aimed at generating tens of thousands of new jobs.

Her response concluded with a dismissive “Stay mad,” directed at Musk, indicating her willingness to stand her ground in the face of criticism.

This exchange prompted further commentary from conservative figures, with actor and conservative Dean Cain challenging the adequacy of Ocasio-Cortez’s response. Ashley St. Clair questioned the authenticity of Ocasio-Cortez’s Bronx roots, while Chris Brunet, a contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine, criticized her for not addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

According to reports from Fox News, Conservative influencer Harrison Krank also chimed in, downplaying Ocasio-Cortez’s accomplishments by referencing Nancy Pelosi’s previous remark that even a “glass of water with a (D) next to it” could have been elected in her district.

The Twitter feud between Ocasio-Cortez and Musk, along with the involvement of prominent conservative voices, exemplifies the polarized nature of contemporary political discourse in the digital age.

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen whether any common ground can be found or if this exchange will simply add fuel to the ongoing ideological firestorm.

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