Casey Diaz spoke to Fox New’s Laura Ingraham Tuesday about his experience as a former leader of an MS-13 rival gang.

Diaz is the author of the new book “The Shot Caller,” which tells his story about life in gangs and how he got out.

Diaz was born in El Salvador, but spent his childhood to Los Angeles fighting in some of the most bloody gang battles. After years of fighting rival gangs, Diaz was incarcerated. Diaz spent time in solitary confinement, where he eventually discovered a path to his faith.

Moreover, Diaz told Ingraham theĀ border needs to be secured because he understands the reality firsthand.

“It’s a real, actual problem that we’re having and it can’t be overlooked. It needs to be tackled right now.” said Diaz.

The 2020 Democrats call it a manufactured crisis. Diaz, however, sees and knows the dangers of our porous borders. Diaz told Ingraham that MS-13 and 18th street gang members intentionally embed themselves in caravans.

In October, Sara Carter reported several MS-13 gang members embedded in a caravan moving north from Guatemala. Carter spoke to several Guatemalan Intelligence officials who confirmed the groups was ‘highly organized’ and potentially dangerous.