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October 7, 2019

Eric Trump: How can Hunter Biden get a Billion Dollars from China? Why Media doesn’t report on that?

By Staff Writer

“It’s dangerous to this country,” Eric Trump said of the media’s bias. “The media, in doing that — they pose a danger to this nation. I mean look at the advocacy there. [George] Stephanopoulos… Stephanopoulos of all people… When you had Jim Jordan out there saying ‘why did [Hunter Biden] get a billion and a half dollars from China?”

“Why did he get a billion and a half dollars from China, when the biggest hedge fund managers, the smartest guys in the world, with unbelievable track records, every single year… beating the market — they can’t pull two cents out of China. Why is Hunter Biden with all the problems he had, getting a billion and a half dollars? And Stephanopoulos is sitting there stuttering.”

“This is why America is so sick of most of the mainstream media, right? Look at the way that they ask questions,” he said. “You had senators that were literally having to shout and scream to be heard over the commentator. That’s not their role.”

“But, unfortunately, that’s the role the media is playing every single day these days,” Trump continued. “It’s what America is seeing through. They are a part of the left-wing party. They are advocates for the left-wing. They won’t even ask these candidates the serious questions.”

“They know they can’t win. … The economy’s too good,” he said. “America is behind my father … You finally have patriotism back. You finally have religious liberty back. You finally have our military back and rebuilt. Our economy is booming. Everything the man said he was going to do he did. And he’s driving them crazy.”


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