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Eric Greitens: ‘Our Country Is At Stake’ in the Midterm Elections



Missouri Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens joins Sara to discuss the stakes of the 2022 midterm elections. Greitens details why he thinks the Democrat agenda is actually evil and why the future of our republic may well be hanging in the balance depending on this year’s election results. He also explains why he thinks Mitch McConnell needs to go as Senate Republican leader.

A Navy SEAL, Greitens also shreds the Biden administration’s handling of Afghanistan and Ukraine and addresses the controversies that led to him resigning as governor in 2018.

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  1. Susan K Dudak

    March 8, 2022 at 9:15 am

    He is exactly right. I’m 75 – most important election of my lifetime. We will either save our country or destroy our country if the wrong party wins the mid terms. I’m Republican and hope and pray they take back the house and senate and of course, the presidency. The Democrats do not like our country and only want to make it into something it was not founded on or meant to be.

  2. Gerald Schaaf

    March 8, 2022 at 9:49 am

    More power to him. The country and our method of governance are truly at stake. The Democrats have long ago passed the era of “reach across the aisle”. They are no longer the ‘loyal opposition’. They are indeed an evil enemy. God help us and God bless us. We need to oust these internal enemies. Thanks for sharing Sara.

  3. John Wallace

    March 8, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    What better way to distract from massive Demoncrat/Communist cheating than to lure Putin into invading Ukraine, than start a war with Russia. Too busy fighting a land war in Europe to pay attention to cheating in US. Not so far fetched, remember how the US state dept. lured Iraq into invading Kuwait. Sadaam asked the US about it position if Iraq attacked Kuwait and the US ambassador said the US would not take a stand. After this green light Sadaam attcked, then the US turned on him and launched a war. Same thing with Putin. Biden was delaying Javen missile deliveries to Ukraine and doing nothing concrete to arm Ukraine in the year running up to the invasion. If Biden was serious he would have given Ukraine mountains of defensive weapons to discourage the Russian. Biden did not and regardless of the liberals saying other wise defensive weapons were the only thing that was going to dissuade mad man Putin.

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Run Gen Z founder: Conservatives must win back America’s youth



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Run GenZ founder Joe Mitchell joined The Sara Carter Show podcast to discuss how America’s youth have been hijacked by the radical left and what can be done to win them back.

Mitchell, who was the youngest person to be elected to the Iowa House at 21, admitted that many of the people he attended college with considered themselves to be radically progressive socialists. He added that for many of those students the radicalization didn’t occur at home but on campus.  If parents aren’t teaching their children, most of that conversion for the Gen Z generation (known as Zoomers) will then take place on college campuses, and in many cases as far back as elementary school.

“I believe that has happened within our school systems and universities, we’ve seen this progression toward Marxism,” Carter agreed, but noted that like Mitchell, there is a growing movement of young conservative activists as well.

However, it won’t be easy. A recent Morning Consult poll found that only 16% of Gen Z were proud to live in America. It’s an abysmal number, said Mitchell.

Mitchell found that post-college he was able to connect with many young professionals who are a part of  a small but growing Gen Z generation. Moreover, he said groups such as Turning Point USA and CPAC, allow younger conservative adults the ability to make connections and network with similar people. It was part of the reason why he founded Run Gen Z, which is an organization that “empowers and mentors young conservatives to run for office.

In fact, Mitchell , was elected at the age of 21, when he first Iowa’s 84th House
District which is located in the southeast region of the state.

The biggest battle for Mitchell is how radicalization of the youth and young adults, he said.

“Even just trying to get them to the middle of the aisle” is difficult, he told Carter.

The issues confronted by the youth in current American culture is that they have -for the most part – been  radicalized by the left, he said.  There are exceptions to this but it’s a rarity, Mitchell said.  He described  of his good friends is a leftist and easy to have discussions with.

Mitchell was asked by his friend about the bans on CRT and LGBTQ+ in the school systems and said, “Don’t you think its crazy that you guys voted for that?”

Mitchell responded with, “Think about when you were in elementary, when you were in middle and high school. I went to school in a small town with maybe two people of color in a small class of 30.” Mitchell continued to say, “We learned about the terrible things of what we did to folks that were in slavery, the reconstruction era and the Jim Crow era.”

Mitchell goes on to tell his friend that that wasn’t what they were banning in Iowa in regards to CRT they are banning the “radicalized agenda” that CRT has.  Mitchell stated that the curriculum in the USA is “written by people who hate America.”

Sara responded with, “It’s normalizing systemic racism… It driving a wedge between our children, between our family. Its almost as if there is an effort to break down our culture, our nation and our principles.”

To hear more you can find The Sara Carter show podcast on Itunes, Spotify, and Radio First America. You can also find full episodes of The Sara Carter Show podcast on her youtube page.

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