The latest batch of text messages between the pair of embattled FBI agents at the center of the Special Counsel’s probe into President Donald Trump‘s campaign and alleged Russian collusion reveals that one of the agents may have seen his participation in the investigation as a path to “impeaching” President Trump, said several congressional sources.

The recent text messages between FBI special agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were turned over last week by the Department of Justice to six congressional committees. Those text messages, as previously reported, shed new light on the political leanings, unvarnished bias and possibly a concerted effort by some members of the FBI to influence Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation, congressional sources reveal.

More importantly, said Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, and member of the House Judiciary Committee, is the text where Strzok is discussing whether to join the Special Counsel, as well as his previous involvement in the FBI investigation into Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

“[My] gut sense and concern is there’s no big there-there”

Rep. Jordan said that the “impeachment” text is extremely concerning because of how it’s framed and in the context of the onslaught of text messages reviewed by congressional members. It also shows possible intent on the part of Strzok to influence the Special Counsel’s Office investigation, he said.

In an August 2016 text message, Strzok tells Page, “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

The reference to Andy is believed to be current Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who announced he is retiring from the FBI in March and the “insurance policy” reference is being investigated by several congressional committees which have access to the full scope of the text messages.

Rep. Jordan said the August text message in conjunction with the text messages recently released is “deeply concerning” and illustrate strong indications that the pair needs to be fully investigated. He added that “the best way to understand the text messages is by looking at the full scope of their communications.”

On Tuesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that requested the text messages, released two pages of Page and Strzok’s communications.

In one of the newly released texts regarding last year’s announcement of the Special Counsel investigation, Strzok tells Page that his “gut sense and concern is there’s no big there-there.”

But then at 12:36 a.m. on March 19, two days after the Special Counsel has convened, Strzok texts Page saying “for me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. Unleashed it with MYE. Now I need to fix it and finish it.”

Strzok, who was also a central figure in the Trump Russia investigation, which began in the early summer of 2016, might be referring in this text to that particular investigation. “MYE” is the acronym for their codename Mid-Year Exam, a reference to the Clinton investigation, which Strzok was also involved in.

Strzok then goes back and forth in texts with Page, who is apparently is trying to talk him out of joining the Special Counsel investigation. Then at 12:40 am he sends another text in reference to the Special Counsel saying, “Who gives a f**ck, one more AD-like (redacted), or whoever. An investigation leading to impeachment?”

Strzok, who was deputy assistant director of the counterintelligence division, was removed from the Special Counsel’s office after the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz uncovered nearly 50,000 texts messages between the agents, who were also having an affair. He was moved to the FBI’s Human Resources office.



  1. “He was moved to the FBI’s Human Resources office.”

    Clearly he Stzrok and his little friends should be fired.

  2. Thank you Sara Carter for the investigating reporting you are doing in order to expose the “Deep State” in the corrupt United States government. We really do appreciate it.

  3. I think the reason he was moved to HR was that he is under investigation and suspended with pay pending the outcome. They are probably his supervisor till the investigation concludes. This way they can compel him to testify should the need arise. If he was fired, they wouldn’t have any control over him and therefore he can’t be forced to talk.

  4. Sara, you are one of my very favorite reporters! It is obvious you are thorough and fair.

    A while back I came upon another serious of reports under the title of White Coat Waste. OMG! I recognized YOU on one of those reports! You interviewed someone…I don’t remember, but they gave you information. I was so sickened by the torture and horrific treatment animals got during those disgusting and painful EXPERIMENTS. I cried as the little monkeys and animals writhed in pain as they received shots or were sliced or whatever the “people in white coats” performed experiments and other things on them.

    You are one of the few journalists who does a very respectful job. I was so impressed with you.

  5. Sara,

    You are a true patriot. I don ‘t think the American people would have ever been made aware of the level of corruption that has been going on in our government except for you and a handful of other journalist who have dedicated themselves to find the truth. Thank you and may God bless and keep you.

  6. Very telling: when Strzok is first talking about the Mueller team, he says he’s not interested because there’s no “there there”. Shortly after, he mentions to join the team because the goal is “impeachment”. This is huge. Strzok was thinking like an FBI agent initially, i.e. no evidence of criminal activity. However, he was obviously later told that the goal need only be impeachment, which is a POLITICAL process. All impeachment requires is smearing a president badly enough in the public’s mind to get Congress to impeach. That was their mission, all along.

    Is this an appropriate mission for the FBI? To try to impeach a President when they don’t think there is even a criminal case? Would any presidential candidate / president be able to survive – politically – in the FISA era if this is a mission of the FBI?

  7. Sara, you are all over this! If it was not for you, we wouldn’t know LOTS of this! Those of us that care about truth and justice in America thank you!!!!!! God bless!

  8. It makes sense-keeps them safe (everyone with knowledge of anything on the Clintons ends up dead or missing), and it is easier to keep tabs on them. Who knows they could cut a deal and turn states evidence.

  9. THAT is why they were talking about Impeachment almost as soon as he was sworn in….they ALL had their talking points to push in from day 1. Sickening!

  10. Sara, it sounds like your admirers care about America, and especially about truth and justice in America. I don’t know if your intentions are to serve America and the cause of truth and justice, but what you’re doing is the exact opposite. You’re undermining the FBI, the Special Counsel and the democratic institutions that protect this country from all threats foreign and domestic. This comes at a time when we are under active attack from a hostile power, Russia, and the highest levels of our executive branch either actively worked with that hostile power in the attack, or, at the minimum, cheered it on in order to obtain power. This article boils down to wildly partisan conspiracy theories (‘unvarnished bias and possibly a concerted effort by some members of the FBI to influence Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation’), for which you offer no evidence, just unnamed ‘congressional sources’, which are, of course, wildly partisan Republican congressmen who have no evidence for their claims. The effect, whether intentional or not, is to distrract attention from, and to try to discredit the Special Counsel, the one body that is wholly patriotic, seeking truth, and seeking justice for the American people, not partisan protection for a possibly complicit president. Why not let the Mueller investigation continue with our full support, and find out if there was criminal or improper behavior, or not? Are you afraid of what they are going to find?

  11. That’s what I’m saying. “Conviction” in the court of public opinion and impeachment was always the plan. (They knew they had nothing criminal on him.) I bet there’s evidence of this.

    FBI mission:

    1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack
    2. Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage
    3. Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes
    4. Combat public corruption at all levels
    5. Protect civil rights
    6. Combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises
    7. Combat major white-collar crime
    8. Combat significant violent crime
    9. Support federal, state, local and international partners
    10. Upgrade technology to successfully perform
    the FBI’s mission

  12. As current FBI agents they are subject to polygraph testing which although not admissible in court is a great tool to aid in uncovering new evidence and co-conspirators. I for one am glad they haven’t been fired yet. Keep them isolated in irrelevant jobs and use them to weed out the whole tainted lot!

  13. JMichael, where to start? Let’s just go in order. Accusing Sarah of “undermining the FBI, the Special Counsel and the democratic institutions that protect this country”. In case you were unaware, Sarah is a journalist who’s job it is to challenge and hold to account the institutions of this Government. This is part of the checks and balances built in our system as specified in the First Amendment of our Constitution. Little ole Sarah is not going to bring down the government or it’s agencies with her words. And FYI we are always under attack from hostile powers in one form or another so trying to say a journalist shouldn’t do her job because of that is ludicrous. Oh yeah… and you forgot option three in your statement about the highest levels of our executive branch in your personal conspiracy theory – that the Trump campaign was too busy giving rally’s and speeches to pay attention to whatever the “Russians” were doing and have done in just about every national election in one form or another since we’ve been advisories, attempting to spread disinformation. Unlike you, I’ve actually read though Sarah’s article and she sites NO“un-named sources” she actually lists her sources, Rep Jim Jordan and Senator Ron Johnson. She also presents actual Facts (text messages release to the public of FBI agents) and presents them for consideration. The only speculation is actually stated as such when she writes “The reference to Andy is BELIEVED to be” letting you know this is not a verifiable fact YET. I’m sure you were absolutely outraged for months at CNN’s and WaPo’s use of “un-named sources” in all of their proven false reports but that’s another story. And finally nobody is afraid of anything Mueller is going to find including the President. It’s clear to anyone paying attention the only thing he can possibly go after the President for is tricking him into contradicting some piece of information he might have in his possession and charging him with making false statements due to a lapse in memory (Witch Hunt!)

  14. November 24, 2017
    The House Intelligence Committee made the assertion in a bid to force Fusion to turn over additional bank transactions involving reporters, law firms and a media company.

    Is there any way we can get the names of journalist and news anchors that were on the payroll of Fusion GPS.

    December 19, 2017
    The brothers have tried to avoid being investigated by closing down the Podesta Group. Tony Podesta, the founder of the Podesta Group and brother of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman, announced that he was stepping down from his firm after it was found to be involved in an investigation into Manafort’s foreign lobbying dealings.

    Hopefully, Tony and John Podesta will be investigated?

  15. Andy, I agree that the job of a journalist is to hold government institutions accountable. That’s why this ‘reporting’ is so egregious. There are people, journalists, and special counsel prosecutors who are doing just that: holding the executive branch to account for impropriety, if not worse. Four indictments or guilty pleas have been obtained so far, and the investigations are heating up. Partisan Republican Congressmen, led by Devin Nunes who has taken proven actions to undermine the investigation at the behest of the president, are desparately trying to undermine the investigation and those conducting it. Those are the actions of a banana republic, where the strong man being accused of corruption fires or discredits the investigators bringing the charges. Getting back to Sara – writing stories that try to sell this partisan attempt to undermine the investigation to a trusting public (trusting that this is journalism) is propaganda, not reporting. There is no evidence that the FBI has done anything wrong. FBI members have been shown to have political opinions. Of course they do. All of them do. The job requires a degree of integrity where personal opinions do not affect the performance of their work. To make doubly sure that doesn’t happen, Mueller removed the agent whose opinions became public from the Trump investigation. The FBI and Mueller are above suspicion, yet Sara and the Trump Republicans are trying to create suspicion, and worse. Again, with no evidence whatsoever. And in the most circumspect of situations – during the investigation of a president and white house they’re trying to protect. That’s not journalism – it’s partisan obstruction, abetted by propagandists like Sara. It’s dangerous to the country, to our rule of law, and to our democratic institutions. Doesn’t do much for journalism, either.

  16. BS. No one is impeding Mueller. You assert the goal is to “distract attention from .. the Special Counsel investigation.” Why does Mueller need “attention” to do an investigation? Oh – I know – because there’s no “there there”, i.e. there is no criminal case. The only hope the leftists have ever had is to create a POLITICAL case for impeachment. Never gonna happen.

  17. JMichael, the foundation of your message is the fatal flaw in this story. Investigations by a prosecutor, “special” or otherwise, are for the purpose of gathering evidence related to a known crime, not to determine whether or not a crime was committed, or “improper behavior” was engaged in. What the heck is that? You just defined “witch hunt.”

  18. Let us not forget that even if they COULD prove “collusion”, collusion is NOT a crime. It’s a political no-no, but is not a crime. Therefore, NOT grounds for impeachment howevermuch the left would like for it to be. Since it’s not a crime, what are the grounds for the Mueller “investigation?” Shouldn’t there first be at least an ALLEGED crime before we go to the expense of an “investigation?” As a former police investigator, I NEVER started an investigation without someone first reporting a specific CRIME had been committed. EVERY criminal investigation REQUIRES an underlying crime first.

  19. God bless you Sara for your fearless, insightful reporting.
    Beyond the obvious need for several dozen civil servants to be charged and tried, we need to save this last bastion of freedom on earth – America.

  20. He can e compelled to talk whether he’s an employee or not. It’s called a “subpoena” and the only way you get out of it is to sit and plead the 5th. If you don’t show up, you go to jail–unless you’re an obama crony-scumbag like eric holder or hillary who were apparently above the law while obama covered all their corrupt asses. However, that was then and this is now–and there’s a new sheriff in town. They thought they’d get away with this scam because they underestimated the disgust and contempt of the America-loving voters and that she would be the next POTUS—and they didn’t cover their tracks very well either–because if cankles HAD been elected, none of this would have seen the light of day and she would have had a fire sale of America’s assets and finish the obama/NWO plot.

  21. what about getting the government to take all the drug money,and help fund the wall?? Has no one thought of this???

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  23. Dan Bongino, a Former Secret Service Agent, describes an “Administrative Hearing” which can only occur if that person is still employed. Since McCabe is still under employment by the FBI and must remain so ( through his unused vacation and sick leave) until March 1, in order to qualify for his FBI Retirement, which many believe is upwards of $2 million.
    Likewise, Strzok and Lisa Page May have not been terminated in order that they be available for an Administrative Hearing.

  24. Bongino was concerned that McCabe may have fled to the Cayman Islands until March 1, in order that he may not be available

  25. What is the chance that Mueller’s team does not have these text message exchanges or some claim that they didn’t have these text messages. Now that these 50,000 or so text messages are available to the public; hopefully Rod Rosenstein has been mandated to forward them to Mueller?
    Remember that Weissmann, a member of Mueller’s team, has been previously accused of intentionally withholding exculpatory evidence from a defendant’s attorneys.

  26. What is keeping this Mueller Investigation form continuing until the mid-term elections? Considering that Muelller personally picked this team and he had to know the political leanings or became aware of them ( is Weissmann’s attending Hillary’s Victory Celebration and his statement of congratulations to Sally Yates after Trump Fired her for standing up to Trump, is obvious that Mueller and his team is out for Blood and even more so after the Nunes/Goudy Memo, which outs both the FBI and DOJ, as well as State Dept, Clapper and Brennan. Revenge will be their #1 Priority. We need dirt on Mueller and his team from informants and Assange ASAP. Also the OIG report will be available, but not until April or May.

  27. That’s a good point, David. But Mueller is not a special prosecutor. He’s a special counsel. His job is to investigate thoroughly to determine whether a crime or impropriety was committed. He uses professional prosecutors and lawyers to gather evidence, conduct grand jury sessions, and prepare a case to determine if it rises to the level of criminal activity. But even if it doesn’t, he is responsible to report all the facts and conclusions at the end of his investigation. How is that different from a witch hunt? The rules of evidence, the impartiality and professionalism of the staff, and the legal framework under which the investigation proceeds makes all the difference. A witch hunt would be characterized by mob-rule – taking unverified allegations and whipping them into an illogical and unsupported theory, with no objective standards for determining fact from fiction. If she floats, she’s a witch. If her name is Hillary, she doesn’t even have to float to be condemned. Mueller’s investigation has been the exact opposite of that, a model of due process, professional lawyers with no partisan ax to grind, or fanning of the public flames by anyone involved.

  28. I truly think we’d have never known a thing had it not been for Sara, John Solomon, and Sean Hannity.
    Some of Congress… everyone else has fingers in ears singing lalala. Pretty scary!
    Your reporting has been riveting and shocking’
    Many thanks and God’s blessings on you!
    Be safe!

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