El Paso Mayor: Don’t Close The Border, Change the Asylum Laws

Donald “Dee” Margo, the Republican mayor of El Paso, in an interview with Fox News said that he opposes closing the Mexican border and that Trump administration and Congress needs to find other ways to fight the illegal immigration crisis.

Shutting down the border would be “draconian and devastating” said Dee Margo.

When asked what would the solution be, Margo said that nothing has been done in 30 years to address this crisis. In 2017 fiscal year we had 13 thousand crossings, in 2018 we had 18 thousand, in 2019 so far we had 50 thousand.

He blamed the crisis on the “lack of intestinal fortitude by both Democrats and Republicans” in Washington. He suggested that major changes be made to the landmark anti-child-trafficking law ¬†(William Wilberforce Trafficking Victim Protection Act)¬†that asylum seekers and others have been using. This law has allowed virtually “unfettered asylum” to unaccompanied persons coming out of Mexico.

“That law needs to be addressed,” Margo said.

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