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Drug cartels finding new and ‘innovative’ ways to smuggle drugs into U.S.




Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Port Director Michael W. Humphries tweeted about new and clever ways the drug cartel is smuggling deadly drugs into the United States.

Humphries posted a photograph of 14,000 fentanyl pills hidden in medical crutches. Through K9 and X-Ray examinations, the CBP was able to find the drugs.

According to recent reports, Border patrol officials have found illegal substances and huge amounts of the deadly fentanyl pills packed into ordinary every-day objects like coconuts, crutches, car batteries, coffee cans, and even food items like carrots.

his week, CBP officials engaged in a historic fentanyl and methamphetamine bust at the Andrade Port of Entry in San Diego, California, seizing more than 54 pounds of fentanyl and 32 pounds of meth hidden in the fuel tank of a vehicle driven by an American citizen.

“This amount of fentanyl had the potential to kill over 50 million people. We continue to take the fight to the cartels and narcotics smugglers,” said Border Patrol reports.

Humphries also tweeted about additional drugs: “a 3-day period, last Wednesday through Friday, CBP officers stopped 7 loads totaling 48 pounds of meth and approximately 597,640 fentanyl pills. Concealment methods included inside a person, strapped to three pedestrians bodies dash, panels, floor and throughout a car.”



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Parents, advocates call on leaders to step down after ZERO children pass math at 13 Baltimore state schools



School desk

How long will leaders who let our children down blame Covid-19 for their failures? Anger swept across Baltimore, Maryland, after not a single student passed their state math exams, and almost 75 percent testing at the lowest possible score.

The Daily Mail reports “The poor performances came in the latest round of Maryland‘s state testing, where 13 high schools in the city – a staggering 40 percent – failed to produce a single student with a ‘proficient’ score in math.” Baltimore City Schools not only received $1.6 billion last year from taxpayers, but the school district also received $799 million in Covid relief funding from the federal government.

“So, it’s not a funding issue. We’re getting plenty of funding,” said Jason Rodriguez, deputy director of Baltimore-based nonprofit People Empowered by the Struggle, to Fox Baltimore. “I don’t think money is the issue. I think accountability is the issue…This is educational homicide, there is no excuse for the failure, which has come after years of warnings over the city’s poor education standards,” added Rodriguez.

A bombshell study published this month by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) found that 16 million students were chronically absent during the pandemic. “The millions of students had missed more than 10 percent of schools days during the 2021-22 year, twice the number seen in previous years. More than eight in 10 public schools also reported stunted behavioral and social-emotional development in their students due to the pandemic, according to a May survey cited in the report.”

However, six years ago a similar report by Project Baltimore found that 13 schools in the city had zero students test ‘proficiently’ in math. An almost identical finding. “We’re still dealing with these same issues year after year,” Rodriguez continued. “It’s just scary to me and alarming to me because we know that what’s happening now, you know, it’s just opening up the floodgates to the school-to-prison pipeline. I’m beyond angry… This is why we’ve been calling for the resignation of the school CEO.”

Daily Mail notes that Rodriguez’s group has previously held rallies over the mounting educational crisis in the city, and in 2021 led calls for Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Sonja Santelises to resign over low test scores and falling graduation rates.

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