Dr. Siegel to President Trump: Don’t Restore the Funding to W.H.O. Without Overhauling The Global Organization

“I have a message for President Trump tonight,” Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday. “Please don’t sign anything that restores funding to the World Health Organization before there is a huge overhaul of the World Health Organization.”

Siegel was responding to an exclusive reporting by Tucker Carlson that the Trump administration will resume the funding to the global health agency and “agree to pay up to what China pays in assessed contributions”.

“I think they are thugs,” Siegel said of Tedros as well as WHO communicable diseases chief Ren Minghui. “I would call them international villains.”

“I’m not talking about the worker bees,” he added. “I’m not talking about the scientists, I’m not talking about people that really toil hard. I am talking about from the top.”

On January 21, German intelligence reported, [Chinese Communist Party] Chairman Xi [Jinping] called him [Tedros] and said ‘delay warning the world’ [about coronavirus],” the NYU Langone physician went on.

“On February 3. Tedros, who’s not a physician by the way, praised … Chairman Xi’s commitment to stopping this outbreak, and then on February 15, he actually said at the Munich Security Conferences — Tedros said that the World Health Organization believed that China’s attempts to control this outbreak had bought the world time.”

“The World Health Organization,” Siegel continued, “they aided and abetted the spread of this virus around the world.” Siegel claimed that those officials should be prosecuted in an international court for what he called their “unbelievable disgrace.”